Prakash Javadekar Rejects Horse-Trading Accusations Against BJP

Prakash Javadekar Rejects Horse-Trading Accusations Against BJP
New Delhi:  Union minister Prakash Javadekar vehemently rejected the allegations of horse trading in Karnataka  today, saying it was what the Congress and its new ally JD(S) are "famous for". The senior Congress leader said the BJP has done nothing. Rather, it was the "unethical marriage of convenience" between the two parties that upset their lawmakers.

"They are trying everything which isn't in law. They are levelling baseless charges against BJP... Their own legislators are not happy with the decision," the minister said.

The regional Janata Dal Secular had launched a scathing attack on the BJP earlier today, after its prospective chief minister BS Yeddyurappa met the Governor and staked claim to form government. Addressing the media, party chief HD Kumaraswamy accused the BJP of offering huge bribes to JD(S) lawmakers, including a 100-crore rupee bribe and berths in the cabinet.

The BJP is 8 seats short of majority in the 224-member Karnataka assembly. Asked how the party planned to achieve majority, Mr Javadekar said "it would happen in the natural course of things" and added that the lawmakers of the Congress and the JD(S) were unhappy with the alliance.

Late in the afternoon, an Independent lawmaker offered support to the BJP, narrowing the gap slightly.

After being heavily outnumbered by the BJP during the counting of votes yesterday, the Congress struck a deal with the JD(S). The party has offered unconditional support to a government headed by JD(S) leader HD Kumaraswamy.

The BJP contends that it should be allowed to form the government as it is the single largest party. The Congress disputes the claim, citing the precedent set by the BJP in Goa and Manipur last year. In both states, the Congress emerged the single largest party but the BJP cobbled up alliances and was invited to form the government.

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