This Article is From Sep 07, 2020

"Forcefully Taken Over...": Kangana Ranaut Claims Invasion Of Her Office

Ms Ranaut claimed that Mumbai civic officials said her office - Manikarnika Films, a movie production house in Mumbai's Khar (West) - was to be demolished tomorrow

Actor Kangana Ranaut tweeted about Mumbai city officials in her office today


Actor Kangana Ranaut, who is in a rapidly escalating political row over comments on the Sushant Singh Rajput case that compare Mumbai to Pakistan-occupied Kashmir, today accused city officials of having "forcefully taken over my office... (and) harassing my neighbours".

Ms Ranaut also claimed officials said her office - Manikarnika Films, a movie production house in Mumbai's Khar (West) - was to be demolished tomorrow. The actor hit back in another tweet, pointing out that she had the required permissions and "nothing illegal (has been done) in my property".

"They have forcefully taken over my office... measuring everything, also harassing my neighbours when they retorted... BMC (Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation) officials used language like, 'What that Madame has done... everybody will have to bear the brunt'," Ms Ranaut said in a video posted on Twitter Monday afternoon.

"I am informed tomorrow they are demolishing my property," she said, adding a smiley to her tweet.

"I have all the papers (and) BMC permissions... nothing illegal (has been done) in my property. BMC should send a structure plan to show the illegal construction with a notice," Ms Ranaut declared.

In the video (the second of two shared online today), seven men, with face masks, are seen gathered around a large dining table. Two of them are seated and appear to be writing notes, while the others are standing around.

The first was a 138-second behind-the-scenes look at the work that went into decorating the interiors of Manikarnika Films, with snippets of Ms Ranaut's interviews with fashion publication Elle Décor.

The "Queen" actor has drawn sharp attacks from Maharashtra's ruling Shiv Sena over comments on Mumbai Police's handling of the Sushant Rajput case.

Ms Ranaut, currently in her native Himachal Pradesh, also said that with the current Sena-led government, she feared living in Mumbai.

The outspoken actor, also lashed out at Sena leaders like Sanjay Raut, who made disparaging remarks about her, and remarked: "Why is Mumbai feeling like Pakistan-occupied- Kashmir?"


Actor Kangana Ranaut has hit out over Mumbai Police's handling of the Sushant Singh Rajput case

The comment led to a backlash from the Shiv Sena and its ally, the NCP. State Home Minister Anil Deshmukh of the NCP said she should "not return to Mumbai if she feels unsafe".

Ms Ranaut, who has frequently expressed support for Prime Minister Narendra Modi, has said she plans to travel to Mumbai on Wednesday. She has also dared Sena leaders, or others, to stop her.

This morning sources in the Union Home Ministry said Ms Ranaut, 33, would be protected by a team of armed officers, including commandos.

The decision follows a "renewed threat to the actor after she spoke about drug use among a section in the film industry following the death of actor Sushant Singh Rajput", sources said.