K Chandrasekhar Rao Criticises BJP, Refers To Formation Of National Party

KCR, as K Chandrasekhar Rao is known, was speaking in the Legislative Assembly on a short discussion on 'Central Electricity Bill - Ramifications' .

K Chandrasekhar Rao Criticises BJP, Refers To Formation Of National Party

K Chandrasekhar Rao made a reference about his proposed national party today. (File)


Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao today made for the first time some reference to his proposed national party and launched a broadside against the BJP-led NDA government, accusing it of crony capitalism, failing in 'Make in India' and anti-people policies and failures in various sectors.

KCR, as K Chandrasekhar Rao is also known, was speaking in the Legislative Assembly on a short discussion on 'Central Electricity Bill - Ramifications' .

"As if they have taken a contract, (they ask) you will start a national party? If not we, is it you? Is it we who have national character or you? Who has the national spirit, national character and the large heart of loving neighbours?" he asked.

Mr Rao's statement on the floor of the House comes a day after his office stated "very soon, the formation of a national party and formulation of its (national party) policies will take place." However, today's reference was the first from Mr Rao himself.

He demanded that the Centre withdraw the power reforms which he said would hurt the poor and the farmers of the country.

"I am requesting the Prime Minister of India, please withdraw, for God's sake, please withdraw the power reforms which are not suitable for the poorest of the poor of this country, for the poor farmers of this country. It will be detrimental, it is hazardous to the poverty, below poverty line people. I humbly request from the Assembly of Telangana, from this august House, please withdraw," he said.

He said he appeals to the Centre with "folded hands" to withdraw the anti-poor power Bill.

He said the 20 lakh power sector employees who may lose their jobs should agitate and that there is need for a massive agitation to "protect the power sector assets" worth lakhs of crores.

Mr Rao, stating that the BJP-led government is not permanent, said it would be sent off after the next general elections.

"This BJP government is not permanent. Only 17-18 months, we (TRS government) have 13-14 months and after that, theirs after four months (elections). 100 per cent, we will send off this anti-people government," he said.

Mr Rao said a major agitation, involving the farming community, would be organised if the Centre fails to withdraw the power bill and installs meters to agriculture pump sets.

He reiterated that free power would be supplied to the farming community after bidding goodbye to the BJP-led government.

Observing that representatives of farmers' unions from 28 States in the country had recently asked him to take the initiative, he said a "revolution" would be ushered in.

Making light of the 'Make in India' programme, he said the products used in the country like 'manja' used in kites, national flags, Diwali crackers, nail-cutters and even shaving blades are all made in China.

Agreeing to a suggestion made by Congress Legislature Party (CLP) leader Mallu Bhatti Vikramarka, he said two resolutions would be passed in the Assembly tomorrow urging the Centre to name the newly-constructed Parliament in Delhi after Babasaheb Ambedkar.

Another resolution would be passed, opposing power sector reforms brought in by the NDA government.

Accusing the Centre of bulldozing others, he said a gazette received by the State says that no (electricity) connection should be given without a meter and that such meter should be a "smart" one.

He said meters have been installed at Srikakulam in Andhra Pradesh which was protested against by farmers (in view of the financial burden to pay the bills).

Farmers and other power consumers are sought to be exploited in the name of reforms, he alleged. He further alleged that the NDA government is "selling off" public sector firms.

Taking exception to the statements allegedly made by some BJP leaders, he charged the Centre with being a spectator to statements by some about changing the national flag.

He claimed that Union Home Minister Amit Shah, at a public meeting in Telangana, spoke about removing other parties.

He said the utterances being made have hurt secular, democratic-minded people.

Alleging that 11 State governments have so far been destabilised, he said the State BJP president commented that an "Eknath Shinde will come in Tamil Nadu as well".

Mr Rao hit out at the BJP-led government at the Centre over inflation, fall in rupee value, failing to bring black money back, job creation and others.

He said the idea is to hand over the assets in the power sector worth lakhs of crores of rupees created over decades to private businessmen.

He further said the country should put up a strong resistance to the alleged conspiracy in the name of power reforms.

Earlier, BJP member M Raghunandan Rao said two Bills on electricity introduced in Parliament do not talk of doing away with the free power agriculture sector.

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