"Jungle Raj-Like Anarchy": Mayawati's Jibe At BJP, Samajwadi Party

BJP deployed money and muscle power, misused State machinery, similar to what Samajwadi Party did while in power, and claimed victory in Zila Panchayat and Block Pramukh polls, Mayawati alleged.

'Jungle Raj-Like Anarchy': Mayawati's Jibe At BJP, Samajwadi Party

UP's law and order situation remains poor throughout the year, Mayawati alleged (File)


Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) chief Mayawati today hit out at the BJP and the Samajwadi Party (SP), equating the current and past governments in Uttar Pradesh to "jungle raj-like anarchy" and claimed widespread irregularities in the recently held panchayat elections in the state.

"The jungle raj-like anarchy prevailing under the BJP in Uttar Pradesh is no less than what it was under the previous Samajwadi Party regime," she said in a statement in Hindi.

The BJP deployed money and muscle power, misused the State machinery, similar to what the SP had done when it was in power, and claimed victory on most seats in Zila Panchayat and Block Pramukh polls, she alleged.

"This has shamed democracy once again. This is condemnable, unfortunate and a cause of worry for all," she said.

She alleged that panchayat and local body elections in Uttar Pradesh have seldom been free and fair. These polls make a "mockery" of democracy and people's voices are suppressed during these elections, she alleged.

"For these reasons, the BSP had withdrawn support from the SP government in 1995. But the same situation exists even under the current BJP regime which is sad," she said.

She alleged the law and order situation in the state remains poor throughout the year and excesses against the Dalit, the poor, the labourers, Muslims and small and medium businesses are common.

People in Uttar Pradesh are hurt by BJP and SP governments in the state and are eagerly waiting for the next assembly polls to bring "ache din" (better days), she said.

While the BJP and the SP were the focus of her attack, she also slammed the Congress, levelling similar charges against the party.

She alleged that while people are suffering due to poverty and unemployment, the BJP government is busy celebrating its "victory" in the local polls. "Is it not adding insult to injury?"

She claimed that all types of elections were conducted in a free and fair manner whenever the BSP was in power in the state.

She appealed to the people to keep all these factors in mind going forward or the value of their votes will be "reduced to zero".

"Now during the poll times, don't get swayed by lofty promises, religious sentiments, and the laying of foundation stones. You have to take the right decision in the larger interest of your family, society and the state," she said.

She alleged rigging, kidnapping, murder and indecency against women during the local polls.

Knowing this well, the BSP had decided not to contest the indirect elections for the zila panchayat chairperson and the block chiefs, which has proven to be the right decision in view of the subsequent developments, she said.

The ruling BJP in the state claimed a massive win in the zila panchayat chairpersons and block chief elections.