This Article is From Jan 30, 2020

As Teen Pulls Gun At Jamia, Police Watch, Don't Rush Into Action

Standing close to dozens of policemen, he spent about two minutes waving the weapon around.

Jamia Firing: On social media, some commented that a policeman "strolled" towards him

New Delhi:

Holding up a gun at protesters near Delhi's Jamia Millia Islamia university, a teenager walked backwards while shouting "yeh lo azaadi (here's your freedom)". Behind him, a large number of policemen in riot gear seemed frozen to the spot.

Standing close to dozens of policemen, he pulled out his gun and spent about two minutes waving the weapon around. No policeman tried to approach him as he threatened unarmed protesters.

It was only after he had fired a shot, injuring a student, that one policeman finally walked towards him and caught hold of him.

On social media, some commented that the policeman "strolled" towards him.

"Delhi Police zindabad," the shooter said once. 

A student, Shadab Farukh, who was apparently trying to calm him down, was shot in the hand.

Questions have been raised about a man walking with a gun for so long without being stopped by the police.

In an early response, the police indicated the personnel were caught off guard and they couldn't see the gun as they were right behind him.   

"The crowd was coming from Jamia. The person came out of the crowd... He is being questioned," senior police officer Chinmoy Biswal NDTV.   

Several students claimed that the police waited too long to act. They also said some of them had shouted to the cops that the man had a gun.

The police were metres away when the shot was fired.

Praveer Ranjan, Special Commissioner of Police, said it all happened too quickly. "Police couldn't react immediately as incident happened in split second but soon police overpowered him," Mr Ranjan told news agency ANI.

The teenager was detained but a case was not filed immediately.