Indian sentenced to death in Dubai for murder

Dubai:  A 28-year-old Indian man has been sentenced to death by a UAE court for murdering an Indian woman by slitting her throat and then fleeing with her jewellery.

The Court of First Instance gave the Indian man, accountant by profession, capital punishment for the premeditated murder that took place in Bur Dubai home of the deceased in September last year, the Khaleej Times reported.

According to prosecution records, the accused, whose identity was not revealed, first knocked on the victim's door in Al Rafaa alleging he wanted the purchase receipt of a second-hand washing machine he had bought from her husband.

The report said that when he was told to come back later, the accused fooled the housewife to let him in after he asked for a glass of water.

The defendant admitted the murder in the investigation saying he was in dire financial conditions and after the murder he stole a bag full of gold jewellery, the report said.

The victim's husband said that on that day his wife did not go down the building to pick up their son after school. He was shocked later to see his wife's body lying on her back in a pool of blood.

He told the prosecutor that the stolen jewellery were worth between 20,000 to 25,000 Dirhams.

A police major said that the murder was reported on September 26, last year.

The victim was stabbed in the neck and her body had stab wound marks in the face and hands.

Blood stains that did not belong to the victim made the police believe that the killer got injured due to a struggle or a resistance by the victim.

The police formed a task force to look for potential suspects with injuries in the same area.

Through leads, they eventually arrested the defendant in Al Rafaa. He had an apparent face injury.

When quizzed about the murder, he confessed that he slit the victim's throat with a knife he had bought earlier that day from a nearby supermarket. He also said that he had purchased gloves and a towel.

When the victim went to bring him a glass of water he took her by surprise and stabbed her in the neck.

He changed his dirty shirt with another from the closet and fled with the jewellery bag.

The verdict can be appealed within 15 days.

A convict on death row is executed in Dubai by a firing squad once the verdict becomes final and irrevocable and approved by Dubai's Ruler.

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