"Nation Pays Tribute To Sacrifices Of Soldiers In Ladakh," Says President: Top Quotes

'Nation Pays Tribute To Sacrifices Of Soldiers In Ladakh,' Says President: Top Quotes
New Delhi:

President Ram Nath Kovind praised the country's efforts in fighting the coronavirus pandemic in his address to the nation on the eve of the 74th Independence Day. He said the central government preempted the crisis and took timely decisions that helped India face the challenge. He also praised the masses for their co-operation. He also paid tributes to the 20 soldiers who died in the line of duty fighting Chinese troops in eastern Ladakh's Galwan Valley.

Here are the top quotes of President Ram Nath Kovind's address:

  • We are fortunate that Mahatma Gandhi was the guide of our freedom movement. The coordination between a saint and a politician that reflected in his personality was possible only in India.
  • This year, the Independence Day festivities will not take place as usual. The reason for this is obvious. The whole world is grappling with a deadly virus that has caused massive damage to life and hindered all kinds of activities.
  • It is very reassuring that in order to meet this challenge, the central government preempted the situation and took effective steps. On the strength of these extraordinary efforts, our vast country, with dense population and diverse circumstances, faced the challenge.
  • State governments acted according to local circumstances. The public gave full support. With these efforts, we gained control over the magnitude of the global epidemic and have succeeded in protecting a large number of people's lives. This was exemplary.
  • The nation is indebted to all the doctors, nurses and other health workers, who have been frontline warriors in this fight against the virus. Any amount of appreciation of these warriors will fall short. All these warriors rose above the limits of their duty, saved lives and ensured availability of essential services.
  • The whole world is appreciating the understanding and patience that you have showed in the face of this pandemic. I believe ‍and I hope that all of you will remain vigilant and responsible.
  • The entire nation pays tribute to the sacrifices made by soldiers at Galwan Valley.
  • Only ten days back, construction of the Ram temple started at the Shri Ram Janmabhoomi in Ayodhya, and Indians are proud.
  • Coronavirus doesn't follow the divisions created by humans. This reinforces the belief that we need to rise above all prejudices and limitations generated by humans.
  • We have a lot to offer to the world community, especially in the field of intellectual, spiritual spheres, and world-peace.