This Article is From Nov 01, 2013

If need be, will die for you, says Narendra Modi: Highlights

If need be, will die for you, says Narendra Modi: Highlights

Narendra Modi addresses rally in Pune

Pune: Bharatiya Janata Party's prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi addresses a rally in Pune.

Below are the highlights:

Different parties have got opportunity to rule different states.

The BJP party also got a chance to form the government.

In this country Morarji Desai was the Prime Minister and BJP or Jan Sangh was a main partner. And there was Atalji's regime. These are the only two periods where inflation was under control.

Whenever there was a Congress or Congress-supported government, the people had to face inflation. Shouldn't a government in a democracy be answerable to the people?

Is this government answering the people? I am amazed. And even the media can't reach them.

The Congress is so arrogant that it isn't willing to answer the media. They keep making allegations, it has become fashionable.

Manmohan Singh is the PM but they want answers from Modi. They are more bothered with what I did.

I promise the people of India that when they vote for the BJP in 2014, we will present a summary of what we've done every year, not after 5 years.

The filth the Congress is spreading today, they tried doing in Gujarat for 5 years.

But the people in Gujarat saw the work done by the BJP government and were not influenced by the Congress's lies.

We have gone to the people 10 months ago, we have passed our exams with flying colours.

Congress shouldn't mislead the people using Gujarat.

Those who make false promises have no right to stay in power. They had promised to control prices in 100 days - did prices come down? They went up.

Those who went back on their promises must be taught a lesson.

Winds of change are blowing across India and it will be difficult for the Congress to survive.

Congress has been carrying out a one -point agenda against me for the past 12 years.

I am standing in front of you today with god's blessings, the people's wishes and the strength of truth.

They wanted the CBI to fix Modi but now the CBI seems to have failed and I don't know what they'll do next.

It is your blessings and path of truth that I am standing in front of you. They are trying everything in the book.

I have faith in 125 crore people of India. I have faith in their blessings. Will live for you & will devote this life for you.

India has immense skill. But this Govt in Delhi neither gave their skill nor gave them jobs

Congress President is a lady, the CM of Delhi is a lady but still women are unsafe in Delhi. How can things run like this.

Modi at Deenanath Mangeshkar hospital inauguration

Would like to wish everyone on Diwali. I am happy Mangeshkar family gave me such a big honour

Deenanath Mangeshkar- in this name only there is compassion for the poor

They could have paid a tribute to their father's memory through music; but since he died due to lack of medical treatment, they have done this, given best tribute to their father

This hospital's foundation was laid by Atalji and I'm here to inaugurate it. It's my privilege

Didi wrote such a touching letter to me. It was full of blessings

Raj Shakti has always been second to Samaj Shakti. This is strength of our culture. Where governments don't reach, society reaches

India can progress when we recognise the power of society

When we discuss plastic surgery, look at Ganesh - the body of a man and head of an elephant

Karna wasn't born from his mother's womb - this is akin to the genetic science which we talk of today

Science has progressed so far that the aura that surrounds you can be used to analyse the diseases that may plague you 

A child from Pakistan was treated in Bangalore and it touched hearts in Pakistan. We have this capability. Our hospitals are amongst the best in the world.

Medical tourism is on the rise. There is also a need of skilled manpower in the health sector.

We are the youngest country in the world - and we must look at the health sector

Human resource development is one of our biggest challenges

We need to expand our medical colleges and train doctors in modern technologies

Mobile phones can be an indicator of your health. India has the largest number of mobiles

Doctors in villages can we trained in 3 year courses to deal with common ailments

Need social consciousness for preventive healthcare in India

Ahmedabad was one of the most polluted cities in the world. We introduced CNG and we have been able to control air pollution to a great extent.

Drinking water was a problem. We brought Narmada's water into the Sabarmati river.

9000 villages are being supplied by Narmada's water - and that pipe is so large that you can drive a Maruti car through it

If a child falls into a borewell, there is a running commentary and the whole country watches on TV. But have we ever thought of infant mortality rates or mothers dying of pregnancy?

The percentage of institutional delivery is still very low

If there is a heat wave, the poor man dies, if there is a cold wave the poor man dies... therefore, this has to be a priority in India

The Mangeshkar family has kept us healthy for over half a century now. If we have a healthy mind, we'll have a healthy body and through their music they've ensured we stay stress-free