This Article is From Oct 29, 2022

Madhya Pradesh Hindu Group Allegedly Used Muslim Name To Build Real Estate

Group accused of using a mix of "development" and communal stereotypes to build a real estate business over 200 acres in Khargone

A gate to the housing complex coming up on 200 acres in Khargone, Madhya Pradesh

Khargone (Madhya Pradesh):

An organisation with an Urdu name, a plan to set up community places by flattening rocky land, and the “fear of Muslims” — men linked to a Hindutva outfit in Madhya Pradesh bought 200 acres of land allegedly using a mix of development and communal stereotypes.

The people who sold them the land on the outskirts of Khargone town in the 2000s — most of them small farmers — have approached the police for an inquiry, as a housing colony is now taking shape in the area. They say they feel cheated as they sold the land "because we were told it'd become a Muslim area".

The police and the administration did not respond to requests for comment.

The BJP has distanced itself. "Our party has nothing to do with this. This issue is between the seller and the buyer and they have their own economic interest," said Rajnish Agarwal, state BJP secretary.


Civic development on the land; a board that declares it belongs to 'Professor PC Mahajan Foundation'.

Farmers say they were “tricked” out of their land, as they thought the agents who approached them were Muslims. 

"I sold my land in 2004 when a man named Zakir came to us and said he has bought all the land around ours,” claimed Nandkishore Kushwaha, “He told us there will be a slaughterhouse here soon. ‘Sell your land to Muslims as the community is settling here anyway,' we were told.”  

He said he got Rs 40,000 for five acres.

A businessman named Sanjay Singhvi said, “My relatives felt that a Haj Committee would be formed, Muslims would settle here — that's why they panicked and sold the land. In the end, I sold mine as well.”

Mr Dandir was earlier state co-convener of the Bajrang Dal, and also served as president of a cooperative bank.


Officials of the Trust at the site of the upcoming housing complex.

“I am inspired by Anna Hazare and Baba Amte. We wanted green land here, to give a message to society,” he added.

District Collector Kumar Purushottam did not respond to phone calls and WhatsApp messages.