"A Lion's Cub Will Be A Lion": Hemant Soren's Response To Dynastic Politics

Jharkhand assembly election results: Though all the results are in yet, trends show that the JMM-Congress alliance is well ahead of the majority mark of 41 in the 81-seat assembly.

Hemant Soren, 44, who is set to take over, was the state's fifth Chief Minister.


  • JMM's Hemant Soren will be the next Chief Minister of Jharkhand
  • On Monday, he attacked the BJP, blaming it for people's sufferings
  • He had earlier served for around 17 months in 2013-14 as Chief Minister

Hemant Soren, who will be the next Chief Minister of Jharkhand, on Monday said it was the people's sufferings under the BJP government which has led to the massive win of the Jharkhand Mukti Morcha and the Congress alliance in the state. As instances, he cited the demonetisation and the BJP's comments about rolling out National Registry of Citizens across the country, insisting that it was "not about Muslims".

"People are dying. So many died while standing in queues during the demonetisation. For your (the BJP's) laws, people are dying, then someone has to take responsibility. This is not about the Muslims. Civilians have to stand in queue again to prove they are Indians. There are so many farmers. Will they earn a living or get papers?" he told NDTV as the BJP conceded defeat in the assembly elections.

The JMM-Congress-Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) alliance has won 47 seats in the 81-seat assembly, well ahead of the majority mark. By Monday evening, the BJP had acknowledged defeat. Raghubar Das had stepped down as Chief Minister. It won 25 seats. 

Prime Minister Narendra Modi tweeted, "I thank the people of Jharkhand for having given @BJP4India the opportunity to serve the state for many years. I also applaud the hardworking Party Karyakartas for their efforts. We will continue serving the state and raising people-centric issues in the times to come".

Hemant Soren, 44, who is set to take over, was the state's fifth Chief Minister, serving for around 17 months in 2013-14. The son of Shibu Soren - one of the key figures of the statehood movement and a three-time Chief Minister - he was also the Deputy Chief Minister during the BJP government led by Arjun Munda. That period had ended in President's Rule as the JMM had pulled out support to the BJP government.

Asked about dynastic politics - one of the key complaints of the BJP against opposition leaders - Mr Soren said "This is very hurtful, it feels like you are attacking the parents".

"Sher ka bachha toh sher hi hoga na? (A lion's cub will be a lion only) No one has a problem if a cobbler's son is a cobbler," he added.

Asked he would go about implementing his plans for the state, he said, "It is wrong to say that 'I will do this first' or 'this first'. That is just fooling people. As a Chief Minister, your view has to be very broad. We will all solve the challenges in Jharkhand, be it in jungles or cities or villages.