This Article is From Feb 28, 2017

Firm Where Murdered Kansas Victim Worked Offers Help To His Widow

Firm Where Murdered Kansas Victim Worked Offers Help To His Widow

Kansas Shooting: Srinivas' wife Sunayana Dumala asked what US government will do to stop hate crimes.

Houston: US firm Garmin, where murdered Indian engineer Srinivas Kuchibhotla was employed, has pledged to ensure that his wife is able to return to the US after she travels to India for her husband's last rites. Sunayana Dumala expressed concern after her 32-year-old husband's shooting death at a Kansas bar, that her travel visa would become invalid, making her ineligible to continue living in the United States.

"Garmin has to make sure that I can come back to this country at my will and pursue his dreams of me being successful in any field that I choose," Ms Dumala said during a press conference.

Company officials said that Kuchibhotla had a work permit or a H-1B visa and that Dumala had an H4 visa. He is the main holder of the visa, which allowed his wife to live and work in the United States.

"My husband came to the United States with lots of dreams. We made Kansas our home, we made Olathe our home," Ms Dumala said.

Garmin's in-house legal counsels as well as their immigration counsel are working on Ms Dumala's travel arrangements. Several local law firms, including Bryan Cave, have come forward to offer free legal assistance, said Laurie Minard, Garmin's vice president of human resources.

The law firm also works to ensure that spouses of Garmin's employees have access to various resources and are able to connect with people in their community.

Garmin had sponsored Mr Kuchibhotla as well as other employees from India, Asia and other countries throughout their tenure with the company.

"That is why she was very concerned with him not being here and if she left would she be able to come back," Mr Minard said.

"We have assured her that we will help her with that," he added.