This Article is From Jun 18, 2021

Father's Day 2021: Celebrate The Day With Dad, Check Out These Ideas

Father's Day 2021: It's Father's Day on June 20. Check out these interesting ideas to celebrate Father's Day.

Father's Day 2021: Celebrate The Day With Dad, Check Out These Ideas

Father's Day 2021: Check out these fun activities for Father's Day on Sunday

Know all about Father's Day celebrations: This is weekend is special. It's Father's Day! Not only fathers and children, often the entire family looks forward to Father's Day. Did you remember it's International Yoga Day just a day after Father's Day? It's a perfect opportunity to spend sometime doing yoga with your father. You can also enjoy the day playing indoor or outdoor games or even go for a walk together. There are so many different ways to celebrate your dad on Father's Day. Here are a few ideas to celebrate the day.

Father's Day: Ideas to celebrate outdoors

Celebrating any ocassion during the covid pandemic needs special planning. Outdoor activities are great if the local guidelines allow and do not forget to wear a face mask. It's not necessary to travel long distance for any of these, just the backyard can be a perfect place for a fun and festive Father's Day celebrations.

  1. Carry your yoga mat to the park and enjoy working out with your dad
  2. Hop on to your bicycles and go for a long ride. It's healthy and a great way for dads to bond with their children 
  3. Are you fond of angling? Prepare a day in advance and go fishing with your dad
  4. Plan a barbecue outdoors. Spending a summer afternoon outdoors cooking together can make a memorable experience
  5. Camping is another very enjoyable activity particularly amid the pandemic when you want to avoid crowded places. 

Happy Father's Day!

Father's Day: Ideas to celebrate indoors

  1. Have a family game night. Plan some munchies to enjoy the evening playing Scrabble, Monopoly, Chess or whatever your dad likes.
  2. Enjoy a movie night together. This would also require advance preparation. Binge watch with you father his favourite shows.
  3. Get creative and enjoy an evening making crafts fit for the rainy season. Encourage the entire family to participate including grandparents.
  4. Draw a family tree with your father's help. Ask him to share with you what his school days were like or any memory that he cherishes. It can be a meaningful way to bond and feel more connected.
  5. Have a musical evening or do play-reading together. You can put on a surprise show just for your dad and involve the entire family. It could be a skit, a song or a stand-up comedy.

Happy Father's Day in advance!