Ex-Supreme Court Judges Said Lalit Modi's Passport Was Wrongly Revoked

File photo of Lalit Modi in London

New Delhi: After Lalit Modi, cricket tycoon, fled to London amid a corruption investigation, his appeal for immigration was accompanied by the opinion of two former Supreme Court judges who said his passport had been wrongly revoked by the Congress-led government that was then in power.

The list of witnesses submitted by Mr Modi to UK officials as part of his immigration plea has been accessed by NDTV - it does not include politicians.

Justices Jeevan Reddy and  SB Sinha supplied legal opinion for Mr Modi's team and said the Enforcement Directorate was guilty of over-reach in "insisting upon the physical presence of Mr Modi" who had offered to appear to answer charges of corruption via videoconference.

Last year, the Delhi High Court restored Mr Modi's passport. He has said he cannot return to India for interrogation because of death threats from the underworld.

Ms Raje's signed and secret affidavit, given by Mr Modi to a UK court described the investigation against Mr Modi as "political vendetta"; it was leaked earlier this week, triggering a demand for her dismissal as Rajasthan Chief Minister from the Opposition Congress. However, the BJP has defended Ms Raje today, claiming that she did not testify in a UK court in Mr Modi's favour, and that her affidavit was offered as a friend of the entrepreneur and not in her capacity as then Leader of the Opposition in Rajasthan. Party spokespersons said that Ms RAje insisted that her identity be concealed because she was worried about political payback from the Congress, which was then in power both at the centre and in Rajasthan.

Ms Raje won the Rajasthan election two years later in 2013.

Read Justice SB Sinha's legal opinion:

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