Don't complain, change the system: Rahul Gandhi

Aurangabad: Hitting out hard on corruption cases emerging from across the country, Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi called upon the youth to join politics and try to change the system rather than just fretting and complaining about it.

Rahul, who is on a three-day Maharashtra visit to focus on Youth Congress elections, addressed a press conference in Aurangabad and said, "Lots of people complain about corruption but I am interested in changing the way political system works."

In Gadchiroli, the Congress General Secretary had indicated major changes in the set-up of the Youth Congress and party's frontal students' wing NSUI, saying office-bearers would hence forth be elected directly by members of these organisations.

Today, in Aurangabad, Rahul Gandhi asked the youngsters to dedicate ten years of their life to politics.

"To youngsters who are educated/talented, go look at our website, come help me build structures that will help change and allow young people to come into politics. You won't need a last name to get into politics... give me ten years of your life and after ten years you will be proud of what you have done," added Rahul Gandhi.

When asked about the gruesome murder of Additional District Collector Yashwant Sonawane, Rahul said, "Cannot allow this to happen again... we need to look at why it's happening and figure out the problem in the system."

While corruption talks dominated the conference, Rahul touched upon the WikiLeaks controversy and his 'Hindutva terror' remark too by saying, "No religion in this world recommends the murder of innocent people... terrorism is no different than murder, in fact worse as it targets innocent people... I condemn terrorism, violence, hatred... it has no colour, no religion."