This Article is From Oct 11, 2015

Dadri Village Shakes Off Lynching Memories, Hindus Fund Muslim Wedding

Many Hindus came forward to help Hakim Khan get his daughters wed.

Bisada, Uttar Pradesh: Hari Om Sisodia rushed around with a tray laden with hot pooris, urging guests to have more. The colourful wedding tent is agog with activity. Jaitoon and Resham are in the bridal best.

At one glance, it would be seem to be a typical Indian wedding.

But the wedding of two sisters in troubled Bisada has not only brought together two families. It has also brought the Hindus and Muslims together in a village that was at the centre of a storm two weeks ago over the killing of a man on September 28 over rumours of cow slaughter and beef consumption.

Mr Sisodia was one the many Hindus who came forward to help Hakim Khan get his daughters wed. Many Hindu families, he said, were bearing the expenses.

Mr Khan couldn't believe that the function could happen so smoothly. A few days ago, he was about to postpone the wedding, convinced that it could not take place given the tension in the village.

The grooms were apprehensive too. "My family felt that it may not be safe to go there after what happened," said Momim Khan, one of the two grooms. It was only after a delegation of village elders and officials of the local administration met his family, did they agree to come over, he said.  

A security blanket was thrown round the village, with police check posts on all main roads. A police post was also set up next to the primary school where stood a colorful tent - the venue of the wedding.

At the gate, Hari Singh carefully noted down how much money the guests were giving to the girls' family. "We call it Kanya daan, and in our tradition we always give to the girls' family irrespective of religion," Mr Singh said.

"Our village has always lived in harmony and everyone is working together," said Mr Khan, the father of the brides.