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"Very Humble, Compassionate...": Former Bureaucrat Remembers Cyrus Mistry

Former chairman of Tata Sons Cyrus Mistry was killed in a car crash near Mumbai on Sunday.

'Very Humble, Compassionate...': Former Bureaucrat Remembers Cyrus Mistry

Cyrus Mistry was fond of Maharashtrian food in particular, the former bureaucrat said.


Former bureaucrat Ganesh Jagtap says he will miss Cyrus Mistry's compassionate nature and love for Maharashtrian food.

The former chairman of Tata Sons was killed in a car crash near Mumbai on Sunday.

"Very humble, compassionate and down to earth. That is how Cyrus was when we first met. He was always like that.

"He was very fond of roadside food like Vada Pav, Pav bhaji and tea from road side vendors," Mr Jagtap said, recalling their some of their trips in Maharashtra and Gujarat.

Mr Mistry was fond of Maharashtrian food in particular, he said.

Mr Jagtap, a former deputy collector, who also served as an aide to former home minister R =R Patil, said Mr Mistry used to call him whenever there was a land acquisition matter.

"He always liked to travel by road," Mr Jagtap said. He preferred road travel even when air travel option was available, he added.

"His striking characteristic was his down to earth attitude and simplicity," Mr Jagtap said. 

"During our site visits, he used to inquire about employees' health and well being. He would come out of his office to drop me to my car," he said.

The bureaucrat-turned-entrepreneur, who lives in Thane, said he accompanied Mr Mistry to Gujarat at the latter's insistence for land acquisition for a port.

"When fresh land acquisition received local opposition, the rates were revised and a higher compensation was offered. Cyrus decided to apply the revised higher rates to people whose land was already acquired, even though legally he was not bound to do so," Mr Jagtap said.

He decided to pass on the benefits to owners whose land was acquired as per the old rates, he said. This decision entailed an additional cost of Rs 15 crore but he bore the brunt, he added.

"Such virtue is rare. His one decision changed the outlook of people towards the company and they cooperated in further processes as well," Mr Jagtap said.

"He used to recommend me to others. He went out of the way and helped me. Such generous and warm treatment is rare and I will miss it for sure," he said.

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