This Article is From May 14, 2021

Delhi's Daily Covid Cases Down To 8,500, Positivity Rate Dips To 12%

Delhi Coronavirus Cases: Arvind Kejriwal has said that around 3,000 beds have cleared up in past 10 days, though ICUs remain mostly fully occupied.

Delhi's Daily Covid Cases Down To 8,500, Positivity Rate Dips To 12%

Fresh coronavirus cases in Delhi must be brought down to zero, Arvind Kejriwal has said.

New Delhi:

Delhi recorded 8,500 fresh COVID-19 cases in the past 24 hours, the first time the figure has dipped below 10,000 since April 10, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said today. The city's test positivity rate has also dipped to 12 per cent, he said during a digital press conference.

Around 3,000 beds have cleared up in the past 10 days, he said, indicating that the second wave was easing in the city.

"On April 20, there were more than 28,000 cases in has now fallen to 8,500 now. The positivity rate has fallen to 12 per cent. It had hit 36 per cent by April 22," Mr Kejriwal said. "It means fewer people in Delhi are now falling ill, admissions in hospitals have reduced considerably."

He said, however, that the number of patients in critical condition remains considerable because the ICU beds have not been freed up much. 

Mr Kejriwal said the citizens of Delhi had played a big role in reducing the number of fresh cases by strictly following the lockdown rules.

"But the battle continues. We have to bring down the cases from 8,500 to 0 and wipe out corona completely," he said. "Any leniency now would lead to disaster."

The Chief Minister assured the citizens that the government was not leaving anything to chance. New oxygen beds were being made, cylinders were being bought, and ICU beds being prepared.

He expressed sadness over the government's inability to help many of the patients. Adding a personal touch, he assured the young children of those who had died of Covid that his government would take care of them.

"I'm here for you," he said, reaching out to those who lost their dear ones. "Your education will be completely our responsibility."

All such families that have lost their earning members will be helped financially by his government, Mr Kejriwal said.