Christmas Jumper That Helps Maintain 6-Foot Social Distance Amid COVID-19

Christmas Day 2020: Industrialist Harsh Goenka on Tuesday tweeted a video of an innovative Christmas jumper "that encourages social distancing."

Christmas Jumper That Helps Maintain 6-Foot Social Distance Amid COVID-19

Christmas Day 2020: Innovative Christmas jumper for maintaining social distance

The 2020 Christmas celebrations have taken a hit worldwide due to the coronavirus pandemic. Countries are advising people to celebrate safely and strictly avoid large gatherings. As maintaining social distance is one of the key measures against the spread of the deadly virus, this innovative Christmas jumper could add cheer to your festive wardrobe. Industrialist Harsh Goenka on Tuesday took to Twitter and posted a video of a blue and white patterned jumper "that encourages social distancing."

"Motion sensors set off sirens and flashing LED lights when someone steps within 6 feet of the wearer," wrote Mr Goenka along with the video. 

The makers of the Christmas jumper also tweeted DIY video of the  jumper with LED lights.    

Christmas season is witnessing lockdown-like curbs again after a new strain of the Covid-19 - that initial data suggests is at least 70 per cent more easily transmitted - has sparked concern worldwide. The World Health Organization in Europe said on Tuesday it would convene its members to discuss how to handle a new variant of the novel coronavirus discovered in the UK.

Over the weekend, the WHO urged stronger action to check the new strain and called on governments to "increase the sequencing of SARS-CoV-2 viruses where possible and sharing of sequence data internationally, in particular, to report if the same mutations of concern are found."

Dozens of countries from India to Argentina have banned flights from Britain in fear of the new virus strain. The Indian government has assured people that the "new strain or mutation of coronavirus seen in the United Kingdom has not been seen in India, so far."