'Cautiously Optimistic About India-US Nuclear Deal', Says Westinghouse CEO Danny Roderick

'Cautiously optimistic' about India - US Nuclear Deal, Danny Roderick, President and CEO of Westinghouse Electric Company, has told NDTV.

New Delhi: A day after India and the United States of America announced a breakthrough on the India-US civilian nuclear deal, saying the 'deal is done', all eyes are now on American companies that want to sell reactors to India. In an interview to NDTV, Danny Roderick, President and CEO of Westinghouse Electric Company, which hopes to grab a contract worth over $50 billion to make up 10 large reactors in India, said he was 'cautiously optimistic' about the nuclear deal. Here are some of the highlights of what he said:

  • Happy that the two governments have come to an agreement.
  • Still waiting to read fine print of India's nuclear liability assurance, to see if all is acceptable.
  • Eager to move forward to commercial contracts.
  • First US-made reactors can start generating electricity 8-10 years from now.
  • Westinghouse's reactors to be made at Mithi Vridi in Gujarat.
  • Westinghouse's reactors are competitive and hope to win the commercial bid.
  • It is too early to talk about costs.
  • Meeting Prime Minister Narendra Modi to seek his mandate for moving forward to commercialization quickly.
  • The Westinghouse Advanced Passive 1000 reactors are among the safest in the world.
  • The Westinghouse reactors can withstand a Fukushima type of accident.
  • With my hand on my heart, I can say they are safe, and Indians need not fear they. They are a tested technology.
  • India can become a global hub to export nuclear reactors.
  • Westighouse has already inked a Rs 100 crore pre-early works agreement with India, to share safety data.