Cabinet reshuffle: No crony capitalism link, says Kamal Nath

New Delhi: The Cabinet reshuffle which saw major portfolios being transferred has been described, by some government sources, as a point made by the Prime Minister against crony capitalism. Their view is that the fact that key economic ministries now have new heads suggests that the PM was concerned about ministers being seen as too close to select corporates. (Cabinet reshuffle: Jaipal gets Petroleum; Urban Development for Kamal Nath) | (Complete list of changes)

"I don't know what that (message against crony capitalism) means...I don't think that's being interpreted correctly," said Kamal Nath, who has moved from Roads and Surface Transport to Urban Development. "I don't know with what intent whoever is saying it," he added. (Watch: Who said what on Cabinet reshuffle)

Mr Nath said his transfer away from a key ministry in charge of developing infrastructure is not viewed by him as matter of promotion or demotion. "I think of it as different work, as a new challenge...a bigger challenge, where huge work has to be done."

When asked if he was being penalized for failing to deliver on his famously self-declared target of giving India 20 kilometres of new roads every day, he responded, "I delivered 12.5. What we delivered hadn't happened in five years before that."