Book on Gandhian Philosophy Set for Auction

Book on Gandhian Philosophy Set for Auction

October 2, the birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi.

New Delhi: A book on Gandhian philosophy with a handwritten note by J B Kriplani is set to be auctioned on October 13-14 by domestic auctioneers who has partnered with London-based auction house Conferro Heritae.

The original picture book titled "Gandhi Ke Paath Par" authored by Bharat Sahai was published by Dhoomimal Dharam Das in December 1948 and highlights the various ideals Mahatma Gandhi put forward for a better India.

With an estimated price of Rs 5 to Rs 7 lakhs, the book is expected to sell for at atleast Rs 10 lakhs, auctioneers said in a statement.

"Apart from the fact that it is one of the physical embodiments of Gandhian principles for the nation and the self, this book has a hand written note by J B Kripalani at the start, elucidating in a long note bearing as a testimonial for Gandhian Principles," auctioneers said.

The Gandhi book is set to be auctioned at the Vintage Publication Auction. The sale is dedicated to the auction of vintage Indian and international news publications, magazines, cartoons, advertisements etc. like The New York Times, The Hindu, The Times of Vietnam, Japan Times, The Egyptian Gazette from 1900s published during important historic events.

Following up on the sale to be hosted on the online platform are two more sales -- the Movie Memorabilia auction scheduled for October 16-17 and the Fine Arts auction lined up for October 19-20.

Film memorabilia from 1900 including old posters, synopsis, lobby cards, LPs etc. of movies from 1900s like "Mughal-e-Azam", "Guide", "Mother India" among others also includes a special "Hollywood section" where posters from classical by Alfred Hitchcock and Charlie Chaplin will be up for sale.

The last auction include fine arts by artists like F N Souza, V S Gaitonde, S H  Raza and M F Husain.