"I Will Forge Alliance With...": Arvind Kejriwal At Haryana Rally

Arvind Kejriwal said the AAP government in Delhi had transformed government schools

Arvind Kejriwal was speaking at a rally in Kurukshetra


Those who want their children to become goons, rioters and rapists must send them to the BJP, Delhi Chief Minister and Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) leader Arvind Kejriwal said today as he kicked off the campaign for the 2024 Haryana Assembly polls.

Speaking at a rally in Kurukshetra, Mr Kejriwal said the AAP government in Delhi had transformed government schools. He said students of government schools are now performing on a par with their private school counterparts.

"As many as 4 lakh students left private schools to join Delhi government schools this year," he said, adding that 400 students of Delhi government had cracked competitive exams for engineering courses and got through reputed colleges.

"I am a simple man, I don't know politics. I have improved Delhi government's schools. The schools have clocked 99.7 per cent result this time. Melania Trump (former first lady of the US) came to visit a Delhi government school. Who comes to see (Manohar Lal) Khattar government's school," he said.

The AAP leader, who has set sight on Haryana following a thumping victory in the Punjab polls earlier this year, promised to rehaul the state-run schools if he gets a chance.

"Those who want their children to become doctors, engineers, lawyers, come with us. Those who want them to become rioters, goons, rapists, go with them (BJP). All such elements are in that party," he said.

"They will never give jobs to your children because they need unemployed goons for their party. They will teach your children to riot and send their children abroad," he added.

The AAP leader then targeted the BJP for felicitating those involved in an attack on his official residence.

Taking a swipe at the BJP government in Haryana over leaks of questions papers of job recruitment exams. "Khattar saab, when you can't get an exam conducted, how will you run a government," he said.

Mr Kejriwal then promised to provide free healthcare and electricity and wipe out corruption if AAP gets a mandate in Haryana.

"I heard there was a storm here yesterday. It is a good omen, the storm is coming from Delhi, Punjab," he said.

The AAP leader said that a mediaperson had told him that the BJP may remove Mr Khattar as Chief Minister and bring a different face. "Why? Is Khattar saab corrupt? doesn't he work? I dare BJP to go to polls in 2024 on Mr Khattar's name," he said.

"AAP is a strictly honest party, so honest that even if my son does wrong, I wouldn't spare him," Mr Kejriwal said. "We ended corruption in Delhi, Punjab, now it's Haryana's turn."

He said reporters keep asking him which party he will forge an alliance with. "I don't know how to forge alliances. I will forge an alliance with 130 crore people of this country, with farmers, labourers, doctors and we will make India the strongest country in the world."