BJP questions UPA's 'Mr Clean' on corruption

Guwahati: On day two of the BJP national executive committee meet in Guwahati, the party has come down heavily on the UPA government.

Attacking Congress over scams like 2G, Commonwealth Games, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's clean image also came under attack.

"On 2G, Commonwealth Games - the repeated assertions of those who are accused, take the allegations to the doorsteps of the Prime Minister's Office," said Nirmala Sitharaman, Spokesperson, BJP.

The BJP also BJP slammed Sonia Gandhi saying the Bofors scam has reached her doorstep after the revelations by Income Tax tribunal report.

"There are more attempts by the government to cover it (Bofors scam) up and this we attribute to be a culture of the Congress, the evidence of which you see even after 23 years. The Bofors case - the cover-up was attempted even till the last day, has come out openly now. Given the experience in Bofors, 2G, Commonwealth Games and Adarsh, that is exactly what is going to happen in 2011 too," Nirmala added.