BJP MP Writes To Anti-Corruption Watchdog For Probe Against Mahua Moitra

BJP MP Nishikant Dubey had earlier accused Mahua Moitra of mortgaging the country's security for money.

Mr Dubey alleged Ms Moitra had taken bribes and compromised her parliamentary privileges.

New Delhi:

In a marked escalation of the Mohua Moitra "cash-for-query" controversy, BJP MP Nishikant Dubey has written to the Lokpal and sought an investigation into the Trinamool Congress MP's actions. 

In his complaint to the anti-corruption authority, Mr Dubey has said he is in possession of a letter by Supreme Court lawyer Jai Anant Dehadrai which laid out "disturbing facts with detailed proof" against Ms Moitra. 

"In the letter, Mr. Dehadrai provides in great detail how, when and where Ms. Moitra received bribes from a businessman Sh. Darshan Hiraanandani. The said letter clearly mentions how Ms. Mahua Moitra has received Rs 2 crore in cash from Darshan Hiranandani both in Indian currency and foreign currency for asking questions in parliament," the complaint states. 

"It also mentions that Sh. Darshan Hiranandani had direct access of Ms. Mahua Moitra's Lok Sabha login credentials and the same has been used by Sh. Darshan Hiranandani while Ms. Mahua Moitra was travelling abroad," it added.

In a post on X, formerly Twitter, in Hindi, Mr Dubey wrote, "I am tired of hearing CBI-CBI. Filed a complaint with the Lokpal today. The Lokpal oversees complaints against parliamentarians and ministers. The CBI is its medium."

In his complaint, Mr Dubey said Mr Dehadrai's letter states how the TMC MP, by posting "questions in parliament in lieu of cash" has furthered the personal agenda of profit and business rivalry of Mr Hiranandani, including questions related to a specific legal issue involving $60 million pertaining to an undisclosed off-shore asset trust and other transactions. 

The complaint claimed that, in an affidavit dated October 20, Mr Hiranandani has "unequivocally and in absolute terms admitted to have met various illegal demands of Ms Moitra", including gifting various expensive items.

"In the light of the aforesaid, it is established that Ms. Mahua Moitra indulged in corrupt practices including, but not limited to, taking bribes from the aforesaid businessman for compromising her parliamentary privileges and causing national security threats by sharing her login credentials of Lok Sabha," Mr Dubey said. 

'Acquired Wealth By Corrupt Means'

Mr Dubey claimed that the letter by Mr Dehadrai and the affidavit by Mr Hiranandani left no "iota of doubt that Ms Moitra is engaged in rampant corruption and has acquired wealth by corrupt means and practice". 

"She has been accepting huge sums of money as illegal gratification and, thus, it is a clear case of misuse of public office and criminal misconduct. By misusing her offices and position as an MP, Ms. Mahua Moitra has obtained valuable properties and thus squarely falls under the provisions of the Prevention of Corruption Act," the complaint stated.

Mr Dubey alleged the Trinamool MP had committed criminal offences not only under the Prevention of Corruption Act but also under the Indian Penal Code and requested the Lokpal to conduct an investigation. 

'Mortgaged Country's Security'

Earlier in the day, Mr Dubey had alleged that the TMC MP had mortgaged the country's security for money and claimed that her parliamentary ID was used in Dubai when she was in India. 

Mr Dubey, who had filed the complaint against Ms Moitra before the Lok Sabha Speaker, accusing her of taking bribes for asking questions in Parliament, alleged that the National Informatics Centre (NIC) has informed an investigating agency that her ID was used in Dubai when she was in India. 

In a post on X, formerly Twitter, in Hindi, Mr Dubey wrote in Hindi, "An MP mortgaged the country's security for some money. The parliament ID was opened in Dubai when the so-called MP was in India. The entire Indian government, the Prime Minister of the country, the finance department, the central agencies are on this NIC."

Ms Moitra has denied the allegations and said she is ready to face questions from the Lok Sabha's Ethics Committee.

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