BJP MP's "Outsider" Jibe At Mamata Banerjee As Trinamool Eyes 2022 Goa Polls

BJP's Saumitra Khan, a Lok Sabha MP from Bengal, alleged Trinamool has destroyed democracy in the state andthey want to do the same across India.

BJP MP's 'Outsider' Jibe At Mamata Banerjee As Trinamool Eyes 2022 Goa Polls

BJP MP Saumitra Khan called Trinamool Congress a "drama party". (File)

New Delhi:

Slamming West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee over her party All India Trinamool Congress' bid to contest 2022 Goa assembly elections, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Saumitra Khan questioned how a party that fought elections in West Bengal on the issue of "outsider-insider" debate will portray itself in Goa (being an outsider).

"Mamata Banerjee says we are Bengalis and everyone else is an outsider in Bengal, then why is she going to Goa now? What will people in that state say to her, will they support her if they start considering her an outsider," asked Mr Khan.

Mr Khan, who is also Lok Sabha MP from Bishnupur (West Bengal), alleged that Trinamool has destroyed democracy in Bengal and they want to do the same across the country.

"BJP got 2 crore 28 lakh votes in West Bengal, yet there is no republic in Bengal. The entire democracy has been destroyed. If she wants to spread this situation to the entire country, she will destroy the whole of India," said Mr Khan.

"Trinamool Congress is a drama party, which does not have any existence outside Bengal but they will try to fool the people of India as they have fooled the people of Bengal. But I know that the people of India will not accept them. If Trinamool Congress gets even 2 per cent votes in India, outside West Bengal, then it is a big deal," BJP MP added.

He also slammed Trinamool's bid to expand in Tripura ahead of the 2023 assembly elections and said, "They will not win anything in Tripura too, not even a single ward in the municipal election."

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