Arvind Kejriwal's fourth 'expose': Dabur group rejects allegations

Arvind Kejriwal's fourth 'expose': Dabur group rejects allegations
New Delhi: The Burman brothers of Dabur group today said that they had opened accounts in foreign banks when they were NRIs and were legally allowed to do so.

Rejecting allegations made by Arvind Kejriwal at a press conference in which he had accused HSBC Geneva of money laundering and that Burman brothers had accounts there, a statement issued by Dabur India said: "It was unfortunate that every person having a foreign bank account is being painted with the same brush."

"We wish to state that these accounts were opened by the Burman family members when they were NRIs, and were legally allowed to open such accounts," it added.

Claiming that the monies have been sent out of the declared and tax-assessed incomes received in India, the statement said the amounts have been officially remitted from India through official banking channels and as per applicable FEMA guidelines.

"The complete details regarding the remittances have been voluntarily, and as per law, filed with the Income Tax Department, and appropriate taxes paid as applicable," the statement said.