This Article is From Apr 13, 2014

Art Matters - Subodh Gupta: celebrating the object

New Delhi: Artist, Subodh Gupta's monumental installations with mundane objects like stainless steel kitchenware have deep undercurrents and capture the essence of his childhood. An anthology of his works is on display at the National Gallery of Modern Art in Delhi.

One of the country's most successful artist, Subodh Gupta says that he did not think too much about his art. Whatever he found in front of him, he made it into art. His creations centre on objects of everyday life and their relationship with the user. Even though not many paint about food, it is a recurrent theme in his works. He believes it is the simplicity of the everyday object available in any Indian household, which appeals to the local audience while his universal theme of food has found resonance with the international market.

Subodh went to art college in Patna and came to Delhi in the early 90s, carrying with him the sounds and smells of Bihar. His roots and identity became an intrinsic part of his work. From the beginning, Subodh experimented with different mediums which defied traditional notions of art and materials, both ancient and industrial. Transforming an everyday object like a bicycle or a pot into bronze. A material used in ancient India for statues of gods and goddesses. Subodh believes his creations reflect the ideas of the world he inhabits in which the common man has a large role to play.

"Everything Is Inside" is more than just an anthology of Subodh Gupta's artistic journey. It is also a symbol of someone who took a risk and succeeded in his culture.