This Article is From Feb 01, 2013

Anna Hazare slams 'toothless' Lokpal: Highlights

Anna Hazare slams 'toothless' Lokpal: Highlights
New Delhi: The much-awaited Lokpal Bill, intended as the antidote to systemic corruption, was cleared by the cabinet on Thursday. It will now be presented in the Rajya Sabha. Once it is cleared there, it will move to the Lok Sabha. However, Anna Hazare has slammed it and called it 'toothless'. Here are highlights of what Mr Hazare said:

  • Govt is going back on assurances on Lokayukta issue.
  • Govt has betrayed us.
  • The joint committee had five ministers and five of our people, and had decided on a draft. And then they did a u-turn.
  • Our draft was never presented in Parliament, the cabinet or standing committee.
  • Even after the PM gave it in writing and the Parliament passed a resolution, there has been no decision.
  • Why did the PM give it in writing that the Centre will create Lokayukta, if states were supposed to do it?
  • The govt had issued a gazette and formed a committee which did not meet for even three months.
  • What is the meaning of this Lokpal if it does not ensure justice for the poor?
  • I will tour India and create awareness.
  • Janlokpal won't be brought in till good people enter the Parliament.
  • CBI, CVC should be autonomous. Until they are under govt control, you cannot end corruption.
  • Poor people are suffering the most in this country. Nobody does their work without taking money.
  • Class 1,2,3,4 all officers should be brought in purview of Lokpal.
  • I got a letter two weeks ago saying all officers will be under Lokpal. However, yesterday they announced that none of them will be under lokpal.
  • Now they say even the CBI will not be under the Lokpal. This Govt lies a lot. What will happen to a country whose govt lies so much?
  • I will keep trying (for a strong Lokpal Bill) and if need be will sit on fast again before 2014 elections.
  • If people want a strong law, they why can't it be done?
  • PM's recent letter on Govt officers' inclusion is not honoured.
  • I am tired of frequent lies and changes.
  • Will go to people to say govt going back on assurances.
  • I wrote to Sonia Gandhi that power is not poison but an addiction.
  • I have no enmity with the government.
  • If the government brings a strong Lokpal then I will congratulate the government.
  • But if nothing happens then I may even go back to Ramlila Maidan and ask people to elect people who will give you laws that empower you.