"Hope The Young New Minister...": Anand Mahindra On Tiruchirapalli Airport

The Mahindra Chairperson said that the new terminal "looks wonderful, especially with the emphasis on local culture & design elements."

'Hope The Young New Minister...': Anand Mahindra On Tiruchirapalli Airport

Anand Mahindra's post included images showing how new terminal was rooted in local culture

New Delhi:

Businessman Anand Mahindra has shared glimpses of the Tiruchirapalli airport terminal, which became operational on Tuesday. The Mahindra and Mahindra chairperson wrote on X that the new terminal "looks wonderful, especially with the emphasis on local culture & design elements." He also hoped that the new Aviation minister Kinjarapu Ram Mohan Naidu would "set new records in the creation of new, modern airports around the country!"

Mr Mahindra's post included an array of images showing how the new terminal was rooted in local culture.

The first image showed an airport hallway adorned with traditional murals of Hindu gods. Another featured an escalator beside a wall filled with colourful images of Gods, framed by intricately carved wooden pillars.

A third photo captured the facade of the airport, showing a design inspired by the local temple Gopuram, complete with colours and two horse figurines. The last photo offered a detailed look at the terminal's unique architecture.

“Wow beautiful,” a user commented under the post.

Someone commended the government for this “achievement”, saying, “Tiruchirappalli's new terminal is a shining example of how modern infrastructure can beautifully incorporate local culture.”

Another user wrote how great it was to see “modern designs incorporating core local culture and symbols. It's very easy to blend modernity with tradition.”

“It's really so beautiful,” another comment read.

A domestic flight from Chennai was the first to arrive at the Tiruchirapalli International Airport, and it received a water cannon salute. Earlier, an international flight from Singapore was to be the inaugural arrival, but a delay altered the plan.

Meanwhile, a Bengaluru-bound flight became the first to depart from the newly constructed terminal.

About the Tiruchirapalli International Airport

Tiruchirapalli International Airport (Trichy International Airport) is located in Tiruchirapalli about 325 km from Chennai. The airport is owned by the state and operated by the AAI (Airports Authority of India). The construction of the new terminal began in February 2019, and it was inaugurated 5 years later, in January 2024.

The airport aims to accommodate 3.52 million passengers by 2025-2026. The new terminal is a two-storeyed building with a built-up area of 75,000 square metres. has 60 check-in desks, 5 baggage carousels and advanced security systems.

The airport can now handle 3,500 international passengers during peak hours and more than 4.5 million passengers annually, up from 1.5 million previously.

The terminal includes energy-efficient canopies, LED lighting and a solar power plant.

It also features a new apron, the area where aircraft are parked, loaded or unloaded, refuelled, and boarded, along with an air traffic control tower and other airside facilities. It also has a multi-level car parking space for 750 cars, 250 taxis and 10 buses.

The expansion project was funded by the government of India through AAI, with a total investment of ₹ 9.51 billion.