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Afghanistan Crisis LIVE Updates: 'Incredible Fear' Among Women Across Afghanistan, Says UN Official

Afghanistan Crisis Live News: Deputy head of UN Women in Afghanistan said some women were being prevented from leaving home without a male relative.

Afghanistan Crisis LIVE Updates: 'Incredible Fear' Among Women Across Afghanistan, Says UN Official

Taliban returned to power in Afgahnistan earlier this month. (File)

A lack of clarity on the Taliban's position on women in Afghanistan has generated "incredible fear" across the country, a senior UN official said on Wednesday, warning there were daily reports of curbs on the rights of women.

Alison Davidian, deputy head of UN Women in Afghanistan, said some women were being prevented from leaving home without a male relative, women in some provinces were forced to stop work, protection centers for women fleeing violence had been targeted and safe houses for rights activists were at full capacity.

Meanwhile, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken warned on Wednesday that the Taliban would have to earn legitimacy from the world, after talks with allies on how to present a united front to the hardline new government in Afghanistan.

"The Taliban seek international legitimacy. Any legitimacy -- any support -- will have to be earned," Blinken told reporters at the US air base in Ramstein, Germany, after leading a 20-nation ministerial meeting on the Afghan crisis.

Here are the LIVE updates on the Afghanistan Crisis:

Sep 09, 2021 23:04 (IST)
First Evacuation Flight From Kabul Since US Exit Lands In Doha
Around 100 passengers including Americans arrived in Doha after flying from Kabul airport Thursday, AFP correspondents said, the first flight ferrying out foreigners since a US-led evacuation ended.
Sep 09, 2021 22:43 (IST)
BRICS Nations Support India's Views On developments In Afghanistan: Official
Russia, China, South Africa and Brazil supported India's perspective on the ongoing developments in Afghanistan and the region at the 13th BRICS summit, said Sanjay Bhattacharyya, Secretary Consular, Passport, Visa and Overseas Indian Affairs.
Sep 09, 2021 22:21 (IST)
Foreign Ministry Under Ashraf Ghani Terms Taliban Cabinet "Illegitimate"
The foreign ministry under the erstwhile government of Afghanistan President Ashraf Ghani has described the interim cabinet formed by the Taliban as "illegitimate" and "unjustifiable", saying the decision goes against the will of the people of the country.
Sep 09, 2021 21:44 (IST)
Sep 09, 2021 21:21 (IST)
Sep 09, 2021 20:23 (IST)
Uncertainty Everywhere, Afghanistan One Such Example: Defence Minister Rajnath Singh
Uncertainty has spread in everywhere in the world and the current developments in Afghanistan is one such example, Defence Minister Rajnath Singh said today.
Sep 09, 2021 19:46 (IST)
At BRICS Summit, leaders call for refraining from violence and settling Afghan situation by peaceful means
At the conclusion of the 13th BRICS Summit, BRICS Leaders adopted the "New Delhi Declaration". On Afghanistan, leaders called for refraining from violence and settling the situation by peaceful means in Afghanistan, through an inclusive intra-Afghan dialogue so as to ensure stability, civil peace, law and order in the country. 

They underscored the priority of fighting terrorism, including preventing attempts by terrorist organisations to use Afghan territory as terrorist sanctuary and to carry out attacks against other countries. They emphasised the need to address the humanitarian situation and to uphold human rights, including those of women, children and minorities. 

Sep 09, 2021 19:23 (IST)
First Evacuation Flight Takes Off From Kabul Since US Retreat: Report
Some 200 passengers, including US citizens, took off from Kabul airport on Thursday, on the first flight carrying foreigners out of the Afghan capital since a US-led evacuation ended on August 30.

The evacuation flight left for Qatar, the first since a chaotic airlift of more than 120,000 people came to a close on August 30.
Sep 09, 2021 18:59 (IST)
Sharia Law Remark On Taliban Deliberately Distorted: Mehbooba Mufti
A day after she said Taliban can set an example for the world if they follow the real Sharia law, Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) chief Mehbooba Mufti said her remarks concerning Sharia have been "deliberately distorted" and she can't point fingers since most countries that claim to uphold Sharia have failed to imbibe its true values.

The former chief minister of Jammu and Kashmir, who made a series of tweets, also said that the Afghanistan crisis has only worsened increasing Islamophobia.
Sep 09, 2021 18:08 (IST)
Vladimir Putin Raises Afghanistan In BRICS Meet Chaired By PM Modi
During the 13th BRICS Summit, Russian President Vladimir Putin slammed the US for creating a "new crisis" in Afghanistan, stating that global security has faced serious challenges and the system of strategic stability has gone all down hill.

He added, "The citizens of Afghanistan have fought for decades and deserve to exercise their rights of defining of what their state will look like on their own".
Sep 09, 2021 17:44 (IST)
As Immediate Neighbour, India Has One Of Highest Stakes In Afghanistan: Minister Meenakashi Lekhi
As an immediate neighbour of Afghanistan with long standing historical linkages, India has one of the highest stakes in the developments in the war-torn country, Minister of State for External Affairs Meenakashi Lekhi has said, highlighting that the USD 3 billion Indian investment in different welfare projects was aimed for the benefit of the Afghan people.
Sep 09, 2021 17:23 (IST)
Amid Concerns Over Radicalisation, Amit Shah reviews Security In J&K
Union Home Minister Amit Shah reviewed the security situation in Jammu and Kashmir today -- a first since Taliban took over Kabul. With the changing situation in Afghanistan, there is concern about growing radicalisation in Kashmir Valley.

"The situation in Afghanistan has acted as a big boost for radical elements in Kashmir and we are continuously monitoring it," a senior police officer from Kashmir Valley told NDTV.
Sep 09, 2021 17:10 (IST)
ICC "Concerned" By Reports Of Potential Ban On Women's Cricket In Afghanistan | Cricket News
The International Cricket Council (ICC) is monitoring the changing situation in Afghanistan and the board will discuss the impact this might have on the continued development of the game in the country.
Sep 09, 2021 16:52 (IST)
Taliban Used Whips As Women Protested Against All-Male Government: Report
Afghan women, who were protesting against the all-male Afghanistan's new interim government on Wednesday in Kabul, were driven away by the Taliban with whips and sticks in the latest crackdown on dissent in the country, reported CNN.
Sep 09, 2021 16:36 (IST)
Afghanistan's acting Prime Minister appeals to past government officials to return, assures them ''full protection''
Afghanistan's acting Prime Minister Mullah Mohammad Hasan Akhund has appealed to former officials of past governments to return to the country and assured them "full protection", saying the period of bloodbath is over and reiterated the Taliban's promise of amnesty for anyone who has worked alongside the previous governments following the US-led invasion in 2001, Al-Jazeera news channel reported.

"We appeal to the officials of past governments to return to their country as we will give them full protection of their lives. We are faced with the huge task of rebuilding and reconstruction of war-ravaged Afghanistan," said the acting leader of the country.
Sep 09, 2021 16:05 (IST)
US not in a rush to recognise Taliban government in Afghanistan: White House
The US is not in a rush to recognise the new Taliban-led interim government in Afghanistan but was engaged with the people who are now overseeing and controlling the country to get the American citizens out of the strife-torn nation, according to a top White House official.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said on Wednesday that the US was not rushing to recognise the new regime in Kabul. "No one in this administration, not the President nor anyone on the national security team, would suggest that the Taliban are respected and valued members of the global community. They have not earned that in any way, and we have never assessed that. This is a caretaker cabinet that does include four former imprisoned Taliban fighters," Jen Psaki said.
Sep 09, 2021 14:56 (IST)
Afghanistan LIVE Updates: Australia To Cancel Afghanistan Test If Women Barred From Sport

Cricket Australia on Thursday said it would cancel a historic maiden Test match against Afghanistan unless the Taliban backtracks on a reported ban on women playing sport.

The governing body said the first ever men's Test between the two nations in November was under serious threat after the deputy head of the Taliban's cultural commission, Ahmadullah Wasiq, reportedly said women would not play cricket, or any other sport, under the new regime.

Sep 09, 2021 14:11 (IST)
Afghan Journalists Beaten By Taliban For Covering Women's Protests
Distressing images of journalists displaying injuries sustained after being beaten by the Taliban have underlined global concerns over the hardline Islamist group's ability to deliver on promises to protect human rights and freedom of press.
Sep 09, 2021 12:35 (IST)
Afghanistan LIVE Updates: Urged By US, Taliban Agrees To Let 200 Foreigners Leave Afghanistan
Two hundred Americans and other foreigners who remain in Afghanistan are set to depart the war-ravaged country on charter flights from Kabul on Thursday after the new Taliban government agreed to their evacuation, a U.S. official said.
Sep 09, 2021 12:05 (IST)
Afghanistan LIVE Updates: Australia Says 3,500 People Have Arrived From Afghanistan
Australia has taken in more than 3,500 evacuees from Afghanistan, mostly women and children, after the Taliban overran the country last month, Prime Minister Scott Morrison said on Thursday.

An international airlift began on Aug. 14 as the Islamist militants arrived at the gates of Kabul, having already captured most of the country. As part of that effort, Australia evacuated 4,100 citizens and Afghans with visas, though some with dual nationality chose to go elsewhere.

Sep 09, 2021 11:15 (IST)
Taliban On Holding Protests: Apply For Clearance 24 Hours Beforehand
Foreign countries greeted the makeup of the new government in Afghanistan with caution and dismay on Wednesday after the Taliban appointed hardline veteran figures to top positions, including several with a U.S. bounty on their heads.
Sep 09, 2021 10:38 (IST)
Taliban To Allow 200 Americans, Other Civilians To Leave Afghanistan
Taliban authorities have agreed to let 200 American civilians and third country nationals who remained in Afghanistan after the end of the U.S. evacuation operation to depart on charter flights from Kabul airport, a U.S. official said.
Sep 09, 2021 09:59 (IST)
Taliban Legitimacy Will Have To Be Earned, Says US Secretary Of State Antony Blinken
US Secretary of State Antony Blinken warned Wednesday that the Taliban would have to earn legitimacy from the world, after talks with allies on how to present a united front to the hardline new government in Afghanistan.
Sep 09, 2021 09:35 (IST)
Afghanistan LIVE Updates: UN Concerned About Afghan Women's Rights Under Taliban

The Taliban is already neglecting its promise to respect Afghan women's rights, a United Nations official based in Kabul said Wednesday. 

The terrorist group has "repeated the same statement that women's rights would be respected within the framework of Islam," said Alison Davidian, a representative for UN Women in Afghanistan. "But every day we were receiving reports of rollbacks on women's rights."

For example, "women are prohibited from leaving the house without a mahram," or male family member, Davidian said during a video conference with journalists in New York. Read more

Sep 09, 2021 09:17 (IST)
Some Afghans Evacuated From Kabul Struggle To Find Help In US
After Fahima, 30, stepped off a plane at Dulles international airport in Virginia on Aug. 26th, she asked an immigration official what would happen to her next. He shrugged, she said, and told her to find a lawyer.
Sep 09, 2021 08:35 (IST)
Could Not Make It End Differently: Ex-President Ashraf Ghani Apologises To Afghans
Former Afghanistan President Ashraf Ghani today apologised to his countrymen - nearly three weeks after fleeing the country as the Taliban seized power with the fall of Kabul on August 15.
Sep 09, 2021 08:05 (IST)
Who To Blame For Taliban Takeover? Former Afghan Envoy Points Finger At Kabul
Roya Rahmani, Afghanistan's first female ambassador to the United States who left her post in July, is clearly horrified by the Taliban takeover of her country. But she is not surprised.
Sep 09, 2021 07:40 (IST)
Ex-Afghan President Ashraf Ghani Told This To US Secretary Of State Antony Blinken The Night Before Exit
Ashraf Ghani said he would "fight to the death" the night before he fled Afghanistan, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken has said in an interview to Tolo News.
Sep 09, 2021 07:04 (IST)
US Says Doing "Everything In Power" To Start Charter Flights From Afghan
US Secretary of State Antony Blinken vowed Wednesday to press the Taliban to start charter flights out of Afghanistan after criticism the administration was not doing enough to allow evacuations.

"Let me be very clear -- those flights need to be able to leave," Blinken told reporters on a visit to Germany.