This Article is From May 28, 2011

32 lakh netizens join Baba Ramdev's campaign against corruption

New Delhi: Ignoring the government's peace overtures, Yoga guru Baba Ramdev is determined to go ahead with what he calls a satyagraha against corruption and black money.

He plans to go on an indefinite fast from June 4 demanding that the government bring back black money stashed in tax havens abroad.

His followers seem to be emulating social activist Anna Hazare and are going all out to drum up public support. Over 32 lakh people are believed to have registered for the nationwide campaign.

The government has briefed Ramdev about steps being taken to recover black money and the legal hurdles involved. The government says that even the suggestions made by the yoga guru have been incorporated.

"And so the satyagraha that we are starting on 4th, I just want to say that whatever they have consented to on certain issues, the fact is it's stuck within time and system. How will this black money come back?" Baba Ramdev said.

"We are waiting for the ratification of the UN convention in which there are 71 articles and according to that all the rules and regulations will be made. What I have spoken to government is all about black money and how this black money can be brought back," he added.

The newly formed ministerial panel on media met to discuss what could become another headache for the government.

After the public response to Anna Hazare's campaign, the government had to give in to the activists' demands- a repeat of that could prove costly for the them.

Some in the government feel such protests should be sternly dealt with while others feel the government must do all to convince Ramdev.

"Although, we meaning the Government or Congress party is not obliged to go to any individual, we have made it very clear, including the individual's name you are taking that every action in the field of corruption, elimination, control, reduction is happening. There is no magic button," Abhishek Manu Singhvi, Spokesperson, Congress said.

However, it waits to be seen if Baba Ramdev will be able to build the kind of momentum that Anna Hazare's campaign did.

"We are supporting Ramdev Baba, whoever stands to fight corruption it is important to support them... we have to remove corruption," Hazare said.

In the season of scams, the government cannot afford another major embarrassment over corruption but if they have a clear strategy in place or not is still not known.