This Article is From Apr 20, 2017

Hope You Find Better Groom: Triple Talaq By WhatsApp In Hyderabad

Badar Ibraheem in Hyderabad got a WhatsApp video of "triple talaq" from her husband in Saudi Arabia.

Hyderabad: Amid a debate on "triple talaq", a woman in Hyderabad has complained to the police that she received a divorce notice in a WhatsApp video, and after her husband's family told her - "Hope you get a better groom".

Badar Ibraheem, an MBA, was stunned when she received the message from Mudassir Ahmed Khan, a software analyst who works for a Saudi investment bank in Riyadh. She filed a police complaint yesterday.

The two married last year in February. Mr Khan stayed for 20 days and left for Saudi Arabia.

Ms Ibraheem says they were in touch on the phone until one day in September, she received the "triple talaq" message.

When she went to her husband's parents' home, she was not allowed inside. Her father-in-law allegedly said his son had given her a divorce and the marriage was an "accident". ''I will pray that you will get better groom,'' he said, refusing to respond to her questions.

Days later, Ms Ibraheem received a "Talaaqnama" or divorce papers along with a legal notice.

The government, she says, must bring a strict law against the misuse of "triple talaaq".

''Such people should be jailed and the court should not release them on bail,'' she says.

In recent cases in Hyderabad, men have used text messages, speed post and even a newspaper ad to divorce their wives.

"Triple talaq", the practice that allows Muslim men to get an instant divorce by uttering the word talaq or divorce thrice, has been challenged in the Supreme Court by several women, including one who was divorced through a text message.

The Centre recently told the Supreme Court that the practices like 'triple talaq' impact the social status and dignity of Muslim women and deny them fundamental rights guaranteed by the Constitution.