This Article is From Dec 13, 2022

Yoga For Arthritis: 6 Asanas That Can Help Manage Joint Pain And Stiffness

Arthritis management: Here are some of the best yoga poses to reduce stiffness from arthritis in winter.

Yoga For Arthritis: 6 Asanas That Can Help Manage Joint Pain And Stiffness

Vrikshasana pose can help reduce arthritis stiffness

Arthritis is a condition that can lead to pain, stiffness, and deterioration of joints and bones. This stiffness may be worsened in the winter season. When it is cool outdoors and there isn't as much sunshine accessible, muscles tighten and become stiff. In order to generate heat within the body, muscles start to contract. Inactivity during the winter months is exacerbated by the lack of sunlight.

Yoga helps stop arthritis from getting worse. Yoga offers significant advantages for both physical and mental health, and it is a secure and efficient technique to promote physical activity. In addition, yoga can boost balance, increase flexibility, improve respiratory endurance, and strengthen muscles. Yoga also increases stamina and eases discomfort. Continue reading as we share some of the best yoga poses to reduce stiffness from arthritis in winter.

Here are the best yoga poses for people with arthritis to perform in winter:

1. Vrikshasana

  • Stand straight
  • Raise your arms the hold them straight toward the ceiling
  • Now lift either one of your legs and place your feet on the other thigh
  • You can rest your right foot on the left knee on the side or anywhere from that to the thigh
  • Ideally, your foot should be as far up on your thigh as it can get
  • Hold this position for 30 seconds and repeat 4-5 times minimum

2. Adho Mukho Svanasana

  • Lay flat on the ground facing the floor
  • Slowly lift your torso and form a mountain-like structure with your body
  • Your palms need to be farther apart and reaching outwards (in comparison to your shoulders)
  • On the other hand, your feet need to be placed next to each other
  • At this point, the only body parts touching the ground should be your palms and feet
  • Your face needs to be facing inwards and downwards, at the same angle as the arms
  • Your body must form a triangle (your hands, hips, and feet being the corners)
  • Hold this position for a few seconds and repeat 10 times at least

3. Virabhadrasana

  • Legs spread 4 to 5 feet apart as you stand up
  • Hold your left foot at 45 degrees and your right foot at 90 degrees with your right toe pointed out
  • Bring your hands parallel to the floor, at shoulder height
  • Look to your right while bending your right knee
  • Keep your hips parallel to the floor and your right thigh straight
  • Release the stance after 10 to 15 seconds of holding

4. Dandasana

  • Sit on the floor for a seat
  • Be sure to maintain a straight back
  • Squeeze your pelvic, thigh, and calf muscles as you extend your legs across in front of you, pushing your toes toward your torso
  • Lay your hands on the ground next to your hips to stabilise your spine and ease your shoulders
  • Inhale deeply eight to ten times

5. Setu Bandhasana

  • Lie on the ground facing the ceiling with your hands on your sides
  • Slowing lift your hips off the ground
  • At this point, the only thing touching the floor should be your upper torso, head, arms, and feet
  • Hold this position for 10 seconds and repeat 4-5 times

6. Trikonasana

  • Place your feet apart as you stand
  • Keep your right leg closer to your body and extend your right foot 90 degrees
  • Keep your feet firmly planted on the ground and distribute your weight evenly between both feet
  • Take a breath in, then exhale while bending your right arm so that it touches the ground and raising your left arm
  • Maintain a straight back
  • Make sure your body is bowed to the side, not forward or backward
  • Take as many deep breaths as you can while stretching as much as you can
  • Get on the opposite side and repeat

These yoga asanas will help improve mobility and flexibility. They will also help reduce pain during winter and even all year round.

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