This Article is From Jul 11, 2017

World Population Day 2017: 4 Reasons Why Family Planning Is Important

Family Planning is not just a part of curbing growing population but also has positive impact at individual level. On World Population Day, read on to know about the advantages of planning your family wisely.

World Population Day 2017: 4 Reasons Why Family Planning Is Important

World Population Day 2017: Plan your family well

World Population Day is observed on 11 July every year to reaffirm the human right to plan a family. It encourages activities to create awareness about the importance of family planning throughout the world. This day also tries to spread knowledge about other important issues including gender equality, poverty, maternal health and human rights. According to a report submitted by the World Health Organisation, the number of maternal deaths has rose up to 303,000 by 2015 and as per the medical reports, the number is increasing day-by-day at an alarming pace. While unplanned child-bearing severely affects the mother, studies have also shown that it also have serious repercussions on the child as well as the father. The socio-economic adversities of family planning is to known to all, there are many health-related factors which arise when you don't take care of birth-spacing. This World Population Day 2017, lets find out:

1.    Reduces infant mortality risks

According to WHO, keeping a gap between two kids reduces the risk of untimely death of the born child. The gap years help mothers in getting back to normal health and restores the lost nutrients during gestation period. However, when a mother conceives year-after-year, she fail to provide insufficient nutrients to the growing child inside. 

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2.    Prevents Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD)

Using proper contraceptives and pills to prevent unintended pregnancies, one can prevent deadly sexually transmitted diseases like Syphilis, AIDS etc. which affects both father and mother equally. Studies have also shown that, acquiring sexual diseases also takes toll on your physical health.

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3.    Reduces risk of producing disabled child

Unplanned pregnancies and being unmindful of your sexual health leads to reduction of nutrient content in the mother's body. The Iron deficiency post-pregnancy often increases the risk of producing unhealthy and disabled child. 

4.    Prevents Adolescent Pregnancies

Awareness about family planning empowers girls and women to take decisions wisely. National Health Reports have shown that most of the health-related problems arise in girls below the age of 18 due to pre-mature pregnancy. Family Planning therefore helps them stay healthy and concentrate on their desires and future planning.

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