World Kidney Day 2020: Do's And Don'ts Of Kidney Stone Diet; Know What To Eat And Avoid

World Kidney Day 2020: Not drinking sufficient water is one of the top causes of kidney stones. Read here to know diet tips that can help in preventing them.

World Kidney Day 2020: Do's And Don'ts Of Kidney Stone Diet; Know What To Eat And Avoid

World Kidney Day 2020: Reduce your salt intake to reduce risk of kidney stones


  • World kidney day is observed on March 12
  • Kidney stones can cause severe pain on your back and side
  • Drink sufficient water to reduce risk of kidney stones

World Kidney Day is observed on March 12 every year. This day aims at highlighting the importance of healthy kidneys for overall health. It also tries to spread information about different kidney diseases and how to prevent them. Kidney stones are a painful condition. These stones are hard deposits that form inside the kidneys. A kidney stone can cause severe pain in the side and back and below the ribs. Other symptoms of kidney stones may include pain during urination, nausea, vomiting, fever, chills, more than usual urination and persistent need to urinate. You can prevent formation of kidney stones by eating the right diet. Drinking enough water is considered as the best practice to keep your kidneys healthy. The more hydrated you are, the lesser is the risk of developing kidney stones and other kidney diseases. Keep reading to know some basics of a kidney stone diet.

World kidney day 2020: Do's and don'ts of kidney stones 

1. What to eat

Add more citrus to your diet: Citrus fruits like oranges, grapefruit, kiwi, lemon or pineapple are can help you reduce the risk of developing kidney stones. You can consume either fruit or fruit juice.

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Add more calcium to your diet: Good levels of calcium can also help you prevent the formation of kidney stones. Add more dairy to your diet or other sources of calcium legumes, dark green vegetables, nuts and seeds. Also, add vitamin D to your diet for better calcium absorption.


Kidney stone diet: Add more calcium to your diet to prevent kidney stones
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Moderate amount of plant-based protein: It is advised to add plant-based protein to your diet in moderation. Whereas, animal-based protein should be strictly avoided.

2. What to avoid

Limit salt: High sodium diet can significantly increase the risk of developing kidney stones. Most processed foods are high in salt and sugar. Avoid consuming too much salt.


High sodium diet is harmful to your kidneys
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Animal protein: Many are dependent on animal-based foods for protein requirements. Adding too much animal-based protein can reduce the levels of chemicals in the urine which prevents kidney stone formation. It is advised to consume animal-based protein in moderation.

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