Unable To Fall Asleep? Try These Teas To Fight Sleeplessness

Teas for Sleeplessness: Proper sleep is extremely important for your overall health. If you are not able to sleep properly, add some teas to your daily routine. Here are some herbal teas that can help you ensure better sleep.

Unable To Fall Asleep? Try These Teas To Fight Sleeplessness

Tips for Sleeping: Try these teas to ensure adequate sleep


  • Herbal teas are loaded with health benefits
  • Some of these can help you ensure better sleep
  • Try chamomile tea for better sleep

Are you finding it difficult to fall asleep? Proper sleep is extremely important for your overall health. Sleep deprivation can affect your heart health, mental health as well as body weight. Many find it difficult to ensure proper sleep every night. If you are a tea lover, here's some good news for you. Certain teas can also help you ensure better sleep. These are loaded with properties that leave a calming effect and help you fight sleeplessness. Herbal teas are also loaded with several health benefits. Here are some teas you should try for better sleep.

Sleeping Tips: Teas for better sleep

1. Chamomile tea

Chamomile tea is loaded with several health benefits and medicinal properties. Drinking Chamomile tea leaves a calming effect on your body and helps you sleep better. It is also good for diabetics as it can help in controlling blood sugar levels. Women can also drink chamomile tea to fight menstrual discomfort.


Chamomile tea can help you fight inflammation
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2. Lavender tea

Lavender is a powerful herb that is used for various purposes. It is not just loaded with medicinal properties; it contains medicinal effects as well. Lavender tea is prepared with dried buds of lavender flowers. This tea also helps you relax and ensure better sleep.

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3. Green tea

Green tea is widely consumed for weight loss. It is loaded with several other health benefits as well. Green tea contains amino acid theanine which reduces stress and helps you ensure a restful sleep. This tea is also good for your mental health. Choose green tea without caffeine for better sleep.


Green tea can help you fight various health issues
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4. Peppermint tea

This tea is free from calories as well as caffeine. Both peppermint oil, as well as tea, can help you ensure better sleep. It also promotes digestion and reduces headaches. You can also lemon to this tea to enhance the taste.


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