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Time To Break-Up With These Carbohydrates Once And For All

Carbs you need to give up: The recent surge of fad diets has made carbs attain a bad reputation and they are often seen as monsters. How much of it is really true? Are carbohydrates that bad for your health? Let's find out.

Time To Break-Up With These Carbohydrates Once And For All

Sugary drinks and junk food are the carbs you need to avoid


  • Packaged sugary drinks are the carbs you need to avoid
  • Stay away from white bread
  • Avoid confectionaries and baked foods

Regardless of what a fad diet trend may tell you, your body requires 50-60% of calories to be drawn from carbohydrates- making them the prime source of energy among other nutrients. But, when it comes to carbohydrates- the type and the quantity matters. Carbs are generally classified into two types- good carbs and bad carbs. All the whole grains, fruits, vegetables, legumes, and seeds contain good carbohydrates which means they supply a steady source of energy and do not cause fluctuations or sudden spikes in the blood sugar levels, which is essential for growth and survival. The bad carbs, on the other hand, are processed or refined and offer very little or zero nutrients while leading to a plethora of chronic diseases.

So, it's time to bid goodbye to the bad versions of carbohydrates. Listing some of the carb monsters below

1. The white brigade

All the white carb products like white bread, white pasta, or white buns are made of refined flour aka maida that is further made of wheat but after a process of refining, milling, and bleaching. The healthy bran layer of wheat is removed in this process making maida completely devoid of nutrients like fiber, B vitamins, and some minerals. Regular consumption of refined flour can lead to elevated blood sugar levels increasing the risk of Diabetes. It is also inflammatory in nature and can also lead to elevated cholesterol levels and constipation.


Stay away from white bread as they contain unhealthy carbs
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2. The sugary liquids

The packaged sugary drinks are one of the worst additions to your diet. Packaged beverages like sodas, energy drinks, soft drinks, lemonades, or even fruit juices are nothing but a dose of unhealthy carbs in the form of simple sugar. The calories from these drinks do not make your body feel full and therefore your brain doesn't register these calories, making you eat up more calories in total than required. Such beverages can increase the risk of Diabetes and can lead to weight gain in no time. So, whenever you feel the urge of quenching your thirst, never reach out to these sugary liquids. Grab on a bottle of plain or infused water instead.

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3. The packaged cereals

Your grandma is probably right when she advises you to eat fresh home-made food instead of the ready-to-make ones. Most of the packaged cereals boast about being healthy and nutritious but the truth is almost all of them are packed with unhealthy carbohydrates. Packaged cereals are made by processing and are treated with high sugar before being shaped. These sugar-laden refined cereals can spike blood sugar levels and increase your risk of diabetes and heart diseases. They can also contribute to a vicious cycle of overeating as the blood sugar crashes down after a sudden spike. Definitely not the best way to start your day!


Packaged breakfast cereals are not as healthy as they seem to be
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4. The irresistible confectionaries

The pleasantly decorated cakes, brownies, and muffins do seem to be irresistible but always ensure that your willpower comes in the way because these sweet delicacies are way too bitter for your health. Apart from spiking blood sugar levels, these can make you pile on kilos and may cause high blood pressure or heart diseases. So, next time instead of celebrating with a creamy cake, try baking one at home with healthy ingredients like whole wheat, dates, and figs.

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(Nmami Agarwal is nutritionist at Nmami Life)

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