This Article is From Sep 23, 2021

Skincare Tips: Is Hyaluronic Acid Worth The Hype? Let's Find Out

The dermatologist shared a post on Instagram, detailing the benefits of hyaluronic acid.

Skincare Tips: Is Hyaluronic Acid Worth The Hype? Let's Find Out

Skincare tips: Hyaluronic Acid can help you keep your skin hydrated

Hyaluronic acid is one of the staple ingredients of multiple skincare products. From moisturising creams to night serums, foundations to mists, it's present in many skin care products. However, what not a lot of people are aware of is the fact that hyaluronic acid is even present naturally in the body. In an Instagram post, dermatologist Dr Kiran Sethi tells her followers all that they need to know about this ingredient. Dr Kiran says that hyaluronic acid, also known as hyaluronan, is a clear, gooey substance that is naturally produced by the body.

"The largest amounts of it are found in your skin, connective tissue, and eyes. Its main function is to retain water to keep your tissues well lubricated and moist," she adds.

So why should one incorporate this into their skincare regime? Dr Kiran states further in the post that hyaluronic acid "improves firmness and elasticity, improves skin texture, pumps and hydrates your skin, improves fine lines and wrinkles, smooths your skin, and reduces inflammation".

Here's the post:

A few days ago, she had informed her followers about a proper daily skincare routine, saying, "By proper we mean a routine where you cleanse, treat, and moisturise regularly." The steps she highlighted in the video were cleanse, treat, moisture, protect, wipes, facial, scrub, and LED mask, in that order. Read all about the entire process here.

Apart from skin care, Dr Kiran also educates her followers on hair care solutions. In one of her videos, she gave tips to control hair fall. In the caption, she wrote, "Increase your protein intake. Not whey or creatine protein, it can make hair fall worse. You can take a collagen supplement. If you can't take collagen, take natural pea protein." She also stated wrote that we must avoid mistakes like combing wet hair or over massaging. Click here to read more about it.

Follow these simple routines by Dr Kiran for healthy hair and to tackle skin-related problems.

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