Skincare Tips: 5 Surprising Causes Of Acne You Need To Know Right Away

Dermatologist Geetika Mittal Gupta has listed five things that could be adding to your acne.

Skincare Tips: 5 Surprising Causes Of Acne You Need To Know Right Away

Skincare tips: A healthy diet and lifestyle can help achieve acne-free skin


  • Dirty pillowcase can lead to acne
  • Avoid eating too much sugar to prevent acne
  • Avoid touching your face every now and then to prevent acne

Acne is one of the most common skin problems troubling a large population, and most people are always on the lookout for solutions. Dermatologist Geetika Mittal Gupta has shared a list of five factors that could be causing you acne troubles, undetected. There is no one specific cause for acne and people experience it due to different reasons and triggers. The five causes listed by the dermatologist involve food and hygiene practices that could be intensifying your acne. Sharing the list on Instagram, Dr Geetika asked, "Are you guilty of committing these acne-causing mistakes?"

Skincare tips: Know the possible causes of acne

1. Dirty pillowcases

Your pillowcase can develop a build-up of oil, dirt and pollutants from the surroundings. This dirt and oil can come in contact with your skin and lead to acne. So, wash your pillow case regularly and replace whenever required for healthy skin.

2. Dirty makeup brushes

Makeup brushes can also accumulate dirt particles and even bacteria. Therefore, clean your makeup brushes regularly. Also, replace them after a few months .

3. Food allergies

Food allergies cal also lead to acne. If you are intolerant to a food item, consuming it may lead to acne or other side-effects.

4. High-sugar food

Too much sugar is bad for your health in many ways. It can also trigger acne. High sugar intake can also lead to weight gain, further increasing the risk of several diseases.

5. Touching your face with dirty hands

You should always touch your face with clean hands. Dirty hands can transfer germs from hands to face. So, avoid touching your face frequently and always wash your hands before applying any skincare product.

While pillowcases, makeup brushes, and unclean hands all cause acne through contact, the impact of food on our skin is also clear from the doctor's list.

Recently, Dr Geetika also revealed the right order to apply skincare products during the day and night. "A basic skincare routine will have a cleanser, targeted serum or treatment, moisturiser, and sunscreen in the day and oil at night. Seek help from your dermatologist to understand the needs and concerns of your skin. Remember that less is more and always keep in mind no two skin types are alike, so what works for me may not work for you," she said. Read about it here.

With skincare, it is important to remember that what you consume in your diet plays a vital role in the overall health and the skin.

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