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Mental Health: Expert Recommends 10 Self-Help Tips To Fight Depression Effectively

Depression is a mental condition which can have an adverse effect on your overall health. It is a chronic condition which requires constant management of symptoms. Read here to know some self-help tips to fight depression.

Mental Health: Expert Recommends 10 Self-Help Tips To Fight Depression Effectively

Depression can make it difficult to perform day to day activities efficiently


  • Your mental health is as important as your physical health
  • A healthy diet and lifestyle promote mental health
  • Seek professional help to fight depression effectively

Depression is a serious mental health condition which can affect day to day functioning of an individual. Depression is different from sadness which can have a long-term effect on the day to day activities of the person. When depressed every task may seem challenging. Other than professional help, it is important to make certain changes in your day to day activities too. These small steps can improve your overall mood and mental health. From diet to lifestyle changes, several modifications can help manage depression symptoms. Constant motivation plays an important role in fighting depression. Here are some self-help tips which can assist in fighting depression effectively.

Self-help tips to fight depression

To understand how to cope with depression, we spoke to Dr. Shweta Sharma who is a clinical psychologist at Columbia Asia Hospital. Here are some insights she shared-

1. The first step to self-care is to acknowledge your feelings and sad mood and accept them for proper validation.

2. Maintain a positive attitude with mindfulness. You should focus on the present to deal with the issues at hand.

3. Remember, nothing is permanent, so this phase will get over with proper treatment and collective efforts.

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4. Speaking out is the most important step to fight depression so without having any stigma in mind please talk about your condition and take professional help at the earliest.

5. Follow a schedule especially when it comes to diet and sleep. These promote better mental health. Practice relaxation techniques like deep breathing to reserve your mental strength.

6. Stay connected with your close ones for proper psycho-emotional support. You can also write journals as these can help you pen down your thoughts or feelings as free-flow writing.


Write down your feelings to relieve mental stress
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7. Self-motivational activities based on your hobbies are more important, do whatever you like to do without having any social concerns or pressure.

8. Spend more time in activities you love. Play with your pet, listen to your favourite tunes, cook food or anything you like.

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9. Eat right and exercise more often. According to studies, exercising helps in the secretion of certain hormones that affect your mood. Consuming a healthy diet is also known to promote your mental health.

10. Symptoms of depression should not be ignored. It is vital to seek professional help as soon as possible to prevent any complication due to depression.

(Dr. Shweta Sharma, Clinical Psychologist, Columbia Asia Hospital, Palam Vihar, Gurugram)

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