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Weight Loss On Keto Diet: How To Know You Are Making Progress?

Keto diet for weight loss: You might feel that you have reached weight loss plateau or simply stopped making progress on a ketogenic diet, after a certain point of time. Here are 6 indicators that can tell you are still on track.

Weight Loss On Keto Diet: How To Know You Are Making Progress?

Keto diet tips: Fitting in clothes that were tight earlier is an indicator of weight loss


  • Improved confidence and self-worth is a sign that you have made progress
  • Feeling motivated to be regular at exercising is another sign
  • Inch loss is also an indicator of progress on keto diet

When you're trying lose weight, is important to know your progress... weekly, fortnightly or even monthly. The whole purpose of exercising and going on a healthier diet is to feel better and experience real progress. Without progress, your diet and exercise regime is of no use. Constant progress is also important for you to know that you haven't reached a weight loss plateau. This progress may at times seem even more difficult to achieve if you are following keto diet. Keto diet is one of the most popular diets for weight loss. It involves eating less carbs, moderate protein and high fat. During the initial phase, you are going to experience rapid weight loss - most of which is going to be water weight. But, on continuing with keto after a certain point of time, you might not experience any further weight loss. In this article, we tell you other indicators of progress in case you are trying to lose weight.

Weight loss: How to know if you are making progress on keto diet?

It is important to know that weight loss isn't the only indicator that you are making progress on keto diet. A change in your measurements, fitting in clothes that earlier were too tight to wear, are a few other indicators.

1. Weight reduction constant over time

Check your weight from months or weeks ago when you started with keto diet, and then see much progressed you have made. If there has been a downward trend on weight over time, then convince yourself that you are on the right track with keto diet and are making progress, indeed!

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2. Inch loss

Yes, even inch loss is a marker of progress in keto diet. Stagnancy in scale on the weighing machine is probably not in your hands. But as long as your measurements are changing and your clothes are becoming loose, you are making progress. Another way to check is by trying old jeans or old clothes which you thought would never fit. We bet it will leave you surprised!


Losing inches is also an indicator of progress on keto diet
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3. Click 'before' and 'after' picture

If you have just begun with keto then go to the washroom and click a picture right now! And if it has been a few months or weeks that you are on keto diet, then too you need to follow the same drill. Now compare the current picture with your older picture and it will tell you just how much progress you have made.

4. Increase strength and better workout

Feeling stronger and being able to perform exercise easily, without putting in much effort, is an indicator of progress which has resulted in increased strength. However, feeling comfortable during exercise is an indicator that you need to push yourself harder and follow the progressive overload principle. The idea behind exercising effectively is to challenge yourself. For instance, if you have become a pro at doing 15 push-ups in one go, it's time to push yourself for a 20. Similarly, if 50 kg weight for 10 reps of deadlifts seem easy, then either increase the number of reps or increase the weight. Following the progressive overload principle will make sure that you are making progress in your weight loss regime.

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5. More consistency with exercise and diet

In case you have reached a stage where you are willing to go for a run or exercise, and have developed a better relationship with food - getting successfully over cravings and junk food, it means that you are making progress.


Feeling consistent with healthy eating, lesser cravings are signs that you are making progress on keto diet
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6. Improved confidence and self-worth

Clean eating and regular exercising will definitely make you feel better about yourself. Your confidence will improve and your self-worth will be better than it was ever before. So if this is the case with you, fret not as you are definitely making progress!

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