Indian Superfoods: Rujuta Diwekar Explains Why This Protein-Rich Food Must Be A Part Of Your Monsoon Diet

Jackfruit health benefits: Jackfruit is versatile and extremely nutritious. Celebrity nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar further elaborates on the many benefits of including jackfruits and jackfruit seeds in your diet.

Indian Superfoods: Rujuta Diwekar Explains Why This Protein-Rich Food Must Be A Part Of Your Monsoon Diet

Monsoon is a great time to have jackfruit


  • Jackfruit is extremely nutritious
  • It it cheap and easily available
  • It can give a boost to immunity

We bet you haven't paid much attention to jackfruit, the one fruit which is versatile, time-tested and the perfect pick for monsoon. Jackfruit comes with a distinct sweet flavour. Known as "katahal" in hindi, jackfruit can be used for a variety of Indian preparations. Every part of jackfruit is edible. It is thus a food which comes with zero wastage. It has a impressive nutrient profile and is amongst the few fruits that also contain protein. Besides, jackfruit contains Vitamins A, Vitamin C, riboflavin, potassium, copper, manganese, carbs, and fibre. Jackfruit is also rich in antioxidants.

Celebrity nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar has often spoken about jackfruit on her social media posts. It was just recently that she spoke about jackfruit seeds, and why they can be rightly termed as "true Indian superfood".

Jackfruit seeds - The true Indian superfood 1. Versatile - boil them, roast them or cook them like a curry to go with rice. 2. Nutritious – - polyphenols that give you ageless skin, - zinc & other micro minerals that help boost fertility and hormonal health. - fibre, riboflavin and rich Vit B profile that both reduce and regulate high BP, improve blood sugar control and reduce gut inflammation. 3. Aam aadmi fruit – Easy on the pocket, every part of it is useful, it's zero wastage. As a team, we often sit together and peel open the jackfruit. We chat boyfriends, chai, clients. We learn that hard exteriors may be tough to handle but hold the promise of sweetness inside. -- Oh btw, monsoon is a great time for jackfruit seeds. The green veggies are off the menu but the seeds ensure a steady supply of vitamins, fibre and minerals. -- P.S. - if you follow Shravan, you may also put meat and eggs off the list, and the seeds will ensure a steady supply of amino acids too. They are truly versatile. #IndianSuperfoods #PlantProtein #Jackfruit

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Jackfruit health benefits: top reasons to include them in your diet

1. It is versatile

Rujuta begins the list of jackfruit health benefits with their versatility. A versatile food is one which can be used in multiple ways. As mentioned above, the whole fruit can be eaten, including the seeds. You can cook it in the form of a traditional Indian sabzi and have it with roti, or cook it in a curry and have them with rice. Jackfruit seeds can also be boiled or roasted. The multiple ways in which jackfruit can be used makes it a versatile food.

What can dadi do in just one day? Put celebrations, emergencies and themselves aside and fill her grand-daughter's bag with seasonal delicacies that will last from a week to a month. Of course not just enough for her grand daughter but for her entire office. When Naghma from my team went home to Goa to celebrate Eid last week, her grandmom packed her mangoes, jackfruit, coconut flower, made pickle and jam so that all of us can dig in, thrive and feel the love of a dadi. To all the dadis & nanis of our beautiful land, we will not forget how you always put us first without putting yourself last. How you lifted our spirits in moments of dark and how you taught us to be better people without any motivational/ empowerment pitch. We will not forget.. #love #women #power

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2. Extremely nutritious

Apart from being rich in protein, jackfruits are rich in polyphenols that can help you have a younger looking skin. Jackfruit also contains zinc and other microminerals that give a boost to fertility and hormonal health. So, if you are having a difficult time getting pregnant, maybe adding jackfruit to your diet could help! Also, jackfruit is rich in fibre, riboflavin and B Vitamins. It helps in reducing and regulating high blood pressure, reduce inflammation in gut and improve blood sugar control.

3. It is cheap and easily available

Calling it "aam aadmi fruit", Rujuta mentions another benefit of jackfruit being easy on pocket. Plus, every part of the fruit is useful - facilitating zero wastage.

She goes on to mention in her post that monsoon is a great time for jackfruit seeds. Since this is off-season time for leafy green vegetables, including jackfruit in your diet can ensure a "steady supply of vitamins, fibre and minerals and amino acids. They are truly versatile," concludes Rujuta.

Most of us miss out on love because we are unable to receive it wholeheartedly. Or even recognise the joy and laughter it brings to our lives. True love is like being on a sustainable diet, it doesn't stand in our way, change us or remove us from who we naturally are, instead it nurtures us and helps us flourish into our true selves. Love comes in all forms, often in the form of good food and this is when it's mostly likely to not be recognised for its potential to truly uplift our lives. This bowl is full of deep fried jackfruit chips and if you look closely it's a celebration of culture and universal human values. Every time my Nariyalpani walla, Anna, goes home to Kerala, he returns with a bag full of these, carefully deep fried by the MIL or Mom. On the day he returns he makes the delivery of the nariyalpani himself, he rings the bell before 9am and we chat about Mumbai- Kerala, weather, politics and the likes. True love is the daily celebration of our mundane lives. The key is to choose and engage with people (and diets) that nurture, not deprive. Celebrate, not criticise. PS - to know more about the many benefits of Jackfruit, read #indiansuperfoods. And for all those who have read it, it's the same guy who's grandpa is a 5 time namazi. #valentines #happyvalentinesday

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Other potential health benefits of jackfruit include improving immunity, thanks to Vitamin A and C in it. It may help in keeping viral infections at bay. Potassium, fibre and antioxidants in jackfruit can together help in improving your heart health. It makes for a great meat alternative for vegetarians and vegans.

Adding jackfruit to your diet can definitely work in your favour!

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