Hip Workout: 7 Exercises To Strengthen Your Glutes

Needs a reliable workout for your hips? Here's how to maintain, tone, and strength your glutes.

Hip Workout: 7 Exercises To Strengthen Your Glutes

Lunges are a great exercise to tone and strengthen the glutes

The glutes refer to the three sets of muscles that surround and cover our hips. These muscles are the gluteus minimus, gluteus medius, and gluteus maximus. Glutes not only make up most of our hips but also play a crucial role in our movements as we walk, run, jump, and so on.

Although good health of the glutes is important for the health and movement of our body, it may also be important as it shapes our hips. In this article, we discuss how to strengthen and tone your glutes.

7 exercises that strengthen the glutes:

1. Squats

Squats are one of the most popularly known exercises that strengthen and tone our glutes. Squats are a modifiable exercise that makes them fit for everyone. In addition to this, squats also help tone leg fat and muscles. Squats can be performed with weights to increase impact.

2. Hip thrusts

Hip thrusts are a great slow-paced exercise that strengthens the glutes. This exercise requires you to lie down and lift yourself from your hips, forming pressure on your glut muscles. This exercise can also be practiced by placing more weights over your pelvic region to increase the impact.

3. Mountain climbers

Mountain climbers are another great cardio exercise to strengthen your glutes. Mountain climbers require fast movement of your legs hence making it a great workout for your glutes as well as your knee joints and leg muscles.

4. Steps

Steps also known as step-ups are a fun workout that can help you tone your glutes. As the name suggests, these require you to climb on and off steps which stretches your glutes increasing flexibility. These also help better ever use your leg muscles and other joints.

5. Lunges

Lunges are another popular exercise that helps tone your glutes as well as legs. They are also modifiable and can be performed with weights to increase impact. These require you to bend forward with your legs apart, one foot forward and one behind you. Lunges are low-intensity and can be performed according to one's convenience.

6. Sideways squats

As the name suggests, these require you to perform squats but in a modified manner. These squats require you to spread your legs apart on both sides once you bend. This ensures your Glute muscles stretch and promotes better elasticity.

7. Single leg bend

This is an easy-to-follow exercise ideal for you if you want to practice low-intensity exercises to better your hips. This exercise requires you to lift one of your legs backward and bend your upper body and arms forward. Holding this position for a few seconds puts all your body's weight on one of your hips, strengthening your glutes. This pressure makes your glutes stronger and toner.

In conclusion, incorporating exercises that focus on the movement of your hips can help you maintain better glutes. Glutes not only influence how your hip looks but it plays a crucial role in various physical movements that include our legs and pelvic area. Besides this, we also encourage you to incorporate a calcium and protein-rich healthy diet to ensure the good health of your bones and muscles.

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