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International Yoga Day 2019: Here's Why Yoga Day Focuses On Climate Change

Yoga Day 2019: The theme for International Yoga Day this year is climate action, and we couldn't be more excited. Read more to find out yoga's role in fighting climate change.

International Yoga Day 2019: Here's Why Yoga Day Focuses On Climate Change

International Yoga Day: Yoga instills values and traits that can create nature respecting citizens


  • Climate change is the single largest bane that faces our generation
  • You become more capable to think and work when you practice yoga
  • Yoga helps achieve physical strength, flexibility and fitness

The United Nations General Assembly declared June 21 as International Yoga Day, all the way back in 2014. It celebrates the ancient practice and attempts to raise awareness about the numerous health and other benefits of yoga. The UN recognises that yoga 'provides a holistic approach to health and well being'. The yoga path of wellness has only been growing in popularity, with athletes and non-athletes alike adopting this ancient practice across the world. This year, International Yoga Day theme is "Climate Action".

Climate change is undoubtedly the biggest bane that faces our generation. Aware members of society are constantly attempting to innovating, debating and implementing new and more effective ways to reverse the negative impact the human population has had on the environment. We're on the lookout for new sustainable and eco friendly replacements for most human practises that have been harming the global environment on a daily basis. Researchers are even putting a 12 year window, on reversing climate change. Any later and the human race may be doomed.

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International Yoga Day: Here's how yoga can help us solve climate change and bring a lot of other benefits into our lives:

1. Building ethics: Yoga emphasises on the values of mindfulness, expressive thought, non violence, discipline and even honesty. These go a long way in creating diligent individuals who are extremely committed to the socio-political environment as well as the physical environment. Individuals embrace simplicity and make long term eco-friendly choices.

2. Refine behaviour: When you practice yoga, your body and mind align in the quest for inner peace, relaxation and knowledge. This helps create individuals who are cooperative and respectful of their peers and fellow human beings.


Yoga Day 2019: Yoga helps in refining your behaviour
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3. Provides a sense of calm: Stress release, recovering from traumas and relaxation are characteristic of yoga. It aims to achieve inner peace like no other wherein, the negative energy escapes your body and you spread positive energy in and around your local environment.

4. Fit and able bodies: Of course, who can forget the physical benefits of yoga. You can become a lot more fit, strong and flexible and help your systems function at optimal capacity. This can be particularly useful, when you wish to survive on simplicity and have to physically and mentally work to save the world.

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5. Working toward solving climate change: A commitment and a sense of respect for mother nature overcomes regular yoga practitioners, and this will help individuals act a certain way at home and work building towards a better future. Cooperative individuals on the other hand have a big role in garnering support of people on larger scales and work with them to build a sustainable means of revival for the environment and survival for the human race. Additionally, surviving on little, helping out locally while thinking globally etc. will only help reduce each individuals carbon footprint, leading to numerous benefits to the world around us. Its a long road ahead, and the world needs all the help it can get.

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