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Healthy Eating On The Go: 5 Wholesome, Nutritious Food Options To Choose From On A Hectic Day

Healthy eating: Choose these expert recommended healthy food items on bust day.

Healthy Eating On The Go: 5 Wholesome, Nutritious Food Options To Choose From On A Hectic Day

Avoid eating out and choose these healthy options on a busy work day

Busy hectic work days don't really allow anyone to think of anything else. Sometimes, you get so caught up and forget about diet and nourishment. On days when you can't spare a lot of time for food, the least you can do is eat the right kind of foods in whatever little time we get. In an Instagram post, nutritionist Pooja Makhija shared some ideas the possible food items that you can opt for while working or enjoy on the go. She captioned the post, "A little planning goes a long way. The best way to get the most of a packed hectic day is to ensure that you fuel your body with thought and care."

In the video, Pooja shared what she carries whenever she is on-the-go. She suggested carrying the following things on a packed day:

1) Curd Rice

Pooja stated that curd rice happens to be her most favourite wholesome meal. You can carry it along with you and have it during lunch while working. If in case, you can't make it, you can instead have a box full of mixed veg pulao, egg fried rice, nutritious sprouted moong pulao, khichadi (Semi-dry), frankie, or delectable stuffed rotis, Pooja added.

2) Poha

This is yet another good meal option that you can choose to have while being busy at work. You can have poha as a meal or even treat it as a two-hourly filler. If you don't find it stored at home at the moment, you can go for upma, veg daliya or even quinoa salad.

3) Egg sandwich

Healthy sandwiches are a great breakfast choice and Pooja restated that in the video. She shared that she carries egg sandwiches while on the go. But if you don't prefer eggs, worry not! You can prepare some good vegetable sandwiches, simple peanut butter sandwiches or an ultimate vegetable toastie.

4) Nuts

For fillers, you can carry some nuts that are nutritious and good for the body. You can treat nuts as munches as they would also make for a wonderful healthy snack.

5) Fruits

You can carry fruits since they have a lot of health benefits and are instantly filling. Fruits can also help curb sweet cravings.

Here's Pooja Makhija's video:

Next time when you are preparing for a busy working day, do not forget to carry these food items with you.

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