Good Posture Benefits: From Back Pain To Healthy Joints, Here's Why Maintaining A Good Posture Is Important For You

Correct posture benefits: Stand up straight. Dont arch your back. These are the ways how having a good posture will be beneficial for your overall health.

Good Posture Benefits: From Back Pain To Healthy Joints, Here's Why Maintaining A Good Posture Is Important For You

Good posture benefits: Having a good posture can prevent back and neck pain

Do you have a good posture? We bet you didn't think, not standing up straight could have more consequences than one. Well, good posture, is more than just standing up straight. Experts suggest, when standing, your legs should have a slight bend in the knee and your back should be straight. While sitting, on the other hand, your feet must be flat on the floor, with equal weight on both hips, back straight, shoulders pushed back and ears aligning with the collarbones. Didn't think it would be this complicated when sitting down, huh? Well, its true.

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Good posture benefits: Here are some unimaginable benefits you can redeem from a good posture

1. Reduced back pain: In a good posture, your back's muscles equally share the weight of your body. This cushions the spine, and puts no additional pressure on any of these muscles. Slouching often causes excess pressure on certain points in the back, leading to chronic pains.

2. Higher energy levels: Firstly, with a better posture, you get significantly fewer headaches, which adds to the energy. Secondly, once your bones, joints, ligaments and muscles are in perfect alignment, they're in a ready position already. So, their functioning is optimal, causing lesser fatigue.

3. Better lung capacity: With an arched back, you give lesser space to your lungs in your chest. They get crammed, and your lung capacity suffers. But in an ideal position, your lungs get all the space they need to expand and contract, so you're able to breathe deeper and longer.

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4. Better functioning joints: It is no secret that joints play a key role in your posture. Even more so, they can really suffer when kept out of place, or put into excess pressure. In the long run, this causes your joints to suffer from wear and tear, causing excess pain and discomfort. When arching the back, the joints connecting the skull to the rest of the body, faces excess pressure in particular. This may cause significant pain in the jaw, specially while eating and talking.


Good posture can improve functioning of joints and reduce back pain
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5. Higher self confidence: No prizes for guessing that when you stand tall, you appear taller. Appearing taller does a whole load of good for your self esteem, and makes you feel more attractive. You are also better engaged in your workouts, and look like you're really into and good at it. All of these add to the esteem advantages of a good posture.

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6. Improved digestion and blood circulation: This is the same situation as the lungs. As and when you put pressure on the internal organs, their functioning is hampered. All of this is caused by slouching. Your blood circulation and other digestion activities are often compromised when you slouch.

Maintaining a good posture is no rocket science, but at the same time, not everyone achieves it with ease. There are some ways to augment your posture, practice back and neck strengthening exercises, adjust your chair's settings at work and actively try to alter your posture. You will start to see the benefit in no time.

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  • Your lungs are in better shape with better posture
  • Good posture can act as a boost for your self confidence
  • It benefits your internal systems through better circulation
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