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Eat More Of These High Protein Veggies For Quick Weight Loss

Protein rich veggies: When your vegetarian diet calls for protein, or when your meats need a partner to feature in a salad, these protein rich veggies can come to your rescue.

Eat More Of These High Protein Veggies For Quick Weight Loss

Green peas are popular protein-rich vegetable that you can include in weight loss diet


  • Edamame is one of the best vegetable source of protein
  • Mushrooms are rich in protein
  • Broccoli and cauliflower greens make for excellent protein sources too

It is clear that for the most part of our childhood, we each had a nemesis. This wasn't a person, but a haunting vegetable, at the sight of which you could only cringe. Your hands and body, in a state of paralysis, hoping that the vegetable would disappear from your plate, without you having to taste it. But, you grew indifferent to some vegetables over time. Maybe because they were easy to cook, readily available, great accompaniments to a meal or just outright good for you. These power packed vegetarian options, can do you a great deal of good, specially providing you with high quantities of protein.

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So, here are 8 protein rich veggies that you can bank on for weight loss:

1. Edamame: Edamame is nothing but early-harvested soy bean. This tiny green pod like vegetable certainly packs a punch with protein. At a whopping 11 gms of protein per 100 gms serving, edamame easily tops our list of being the most protein rich vegetable. In addition, edamame holds good quantities of dietary fibre, healthy fats (specially omega 3 fatty acids), vitamin C, K, iron and calcium.

2. Green peas: Another tiny veggie, who's size mustn't deceive you. We won't deny that green peas, although second highest, in terms of protein content, doesn't hold a fight to edamame. Per 100 gms serving, green peas hold a sufficient 5 gms of protein. Peas are also low on calories and high on vitamins A and K.

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3. Mushrooms: This vegetable from the fungi family is a favourite around the world. It packs 3.1 gms of protein for every 100 gms serving. Its extremely low on calories and can act as a great healthy snack, in the desperate hour of a craving.


100 gms of mushrooms can give you 3.1 gm of protein
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4. Cauliflower greens: While cauliflower is a good source of protein, it is the cauliflower greens that will be most beneficial for your protein needs. Cauliflower greens can provide as much as 3 gms of protein per 100 gms serving.

5. Spinach: Spinach has 2.9 gms of protein per 100 gms serving. Over and above that, spinach has got an excellent supply of iron and calcium as well.

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6. Broccoli: This green flowering vegetable of the cabbage family has 2.8 gms of protein for your body's disposal. In order to derive maximum benefit, it is important that both stalk and head of this vegetable be consumed.

7. Watercress: This may be a lesser known and slightly surprising addition to this list. The tangy leafy vegetable is native to Europe and Asia, and bears 2.3 gms of protein per 100 gms serving. Its often seen as a key component in Mediterranean cuisine.

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