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Diabetes Diet: Can Okra (Lady Finger) Help You Control Blood Sugar Levels? Here's The Answer

Diabetes diet: Okra commonly known as lady finger can help in controlling blood sugar levels. If you are a diabetic you can add okra to your diabetes. Here are some benefits of okra for diabetics explained by experts.

Diabetes Diet: Can Okra (Lady Finger) Help You Control Blood Sugar Levels? Here's The Answer

Diabetes: Okra is a common vegetables which can help in controlling blood sugar levels

Lady finger also known as okra is a common vegetable used to prepare various delicacies. This nutritious vegetable is rich in various nutrients that can offer you a variety of benefits. Okra is also good for diabetics. Diabetics need to consume such foods which can help in controlling blood sugar levels naturally. The right diet with necessary precautions can help you control blood sugar levels. Controlling blood sugar levels is extremely important to fight the complications associated with diabetes. Some foods can naturally contribute to lower blood sugar levels. Okra is also beneficial for diabetics which does not negatively affect blood sugars. Know reasons why okra should be a part of your diabetes diet explained by an expert.

Diabetes diet: How okra (lady finger) is beneficial for diabetes?

Nutritionist, Sayani Das explains, "Okra, commonly known as a lady finger, a good source of fibre, vitamin, minerals and antioxidants. It has long been used as a vegetable and source of dietary medicine. Besides its nutritional role, it is suitable for medicinal uses also. Okra is a superfood for reducing blood sugar, being a great source of dietary fibre, low in calorie and low in Glycemic Index (GI). It is believed that insoluble fibre in okra help to control blood glucose level by slowing the rate of absorption from the intestinal tract. Some researches have found that okra helps to manage blood sugar levels in Gestational diabetes."


Diabetes diet: Lady finger is rich in properties which can help in controlling blood sugar levels
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Other health benefits of okra

Other than better blood sugar levels there are many other health benefits of adding okra to your diet. Some of the health benefits may include-

1. Okra can help in controlling bad cholesterol which results in reduced risk of heart diseases

2. Vitamin C in okra can help you boost immunity

3. Okra is also good for pregnant women due to high levels of vitamin A, B and C

4. It also contains very few calories

5. Vitamin K in okra helps in bone formation and blood clotting

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(Sayani Das, Nutritionist, Aster RV Hospital, Bangalore)

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