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Diabetes: Ajwain Water And Other Home Remedies To Help Manage Blood Sugar Levels

Read on as we share some of these simple home remedies.

Diabetes: Ajwain Water And Other Home Remedies To Help Manage Blood Sugar Levels

What you eat can help lower you blood sugar levels

Your doctor will probably suggest that you consult a nutritionist to assist you in creating a healthy eating plan if you have diabetes or prediabetes. The programme assists you in managing your weight, controlling heart disease risk factors like high blood pressure and blood fat levels, and controlling your blood sugar (glucose) levels. 

More calories and fat cause your blood sugar to spike, which is not what you want. If blood glucose levels aren't controlled, it can cause major issues including high blood sugar (hyperglycemia), which if it persists, may result in long-term concerns like nerve, kidney, and heart damage. 

Making smart meal selections and keeping track of your eating patterns will help you keep your blood glucose levels within a safe range. One such solution is home remedies for diabetes. Certain foods and recipes can help manage your blood sugar levels naturally. Continue reading as we share some of these simple home remedies. 

Home remedies to help manage blood sugar levels:

1. Ajwain water

People with diabetes may benefit from sipping ajwain tea after meals. A tablespoon of ajwain, a tablespoon of sauf (fennel seeds), and one-fourth of a tablespoon of cinnamon powder are required to make ajwain tea. Brew the tea by mixing all of these ingredients with warm water. 45 minutes or so after your meal, consume it.

2. Aloe vera

Another herb with the potential to help with diabetes management is aloe vera. It might affect how much insulin the pancreatic cells secrete. To demonstrate the potential benefits of aloe vera for diabetes, more research is needed. Hence, we urge you to consult a doctor.

3. Amla

Amla, one of the best vitamin C sources, can help treat pancreatitis and finally regulate blood sugar levels. Moreover, it has chromium, which controls blood sugar levels and increases insulin sensitivity. You can consume it in a powder form or a pickle and even a murabba. 

4. Jamun seeds

Blackberry seeds, or jamun seeds, are among the most effective natural treatments for diabetes. The compounds jamboline and jambosine are abundant in these seeds. These two components aid in reducing the rate at which blood glucose is released. Moreover, it lessens thirst and frequent urination problems.

5. Garlic

Garlic is proven to decrease cholesterol, lower blood pressure, and may even help diabetic patients with their blood sugar levels. One small trial found that garlic was equally efficient at lowering fasting blood sugar and HbA1c levels as the diabetes medication metformin. More research is required to confirm that garlic can also lower cholesterol and blood sugar levels. 

6. Drumstick

The drumstick leaf, also known as a moringa oleifera leaf, is most well-known for its The most well-known benefits of drumstick or Moringa oleifera leaves include their capacity to regulate blood sugar levels and increase energy. The minerals in moringa leaves boost the body's production of insulin. Furthermore abundant in antioxidants, the leaves have have anti-inflammatory qualities.

7. Fenugreek water

Fenugreek or methi seeds may be helpful for diabetics. Fenugreek is a herb that is frequently used in Indian cooking and has a lot of advantages. It aids in managing diabetes, enhancing glucose tolerance, lowering blood sugar, and promoting the release of glucose-dependent insulin. Soak a spoonful fenugreek seeds in water and consume in the morning. 

Incorporate these home remedies to your diet to reduce blood sugar levels and boost your overall health.

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