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Cholesterol: Try This Chutney To Reduce Bad Cholesterol Levels, As Shared By Nutritionist

Our diet plays an integral role in managing our cholesterol levels. Add this chutney to your diet if you wish to lower bad cholesterol levels.

Cholesterol: Try This Chutney To Reduce Bad Cholesterol Levels, As Shared By Nutritionist

This green chutney recipe is a delicious way to incorporate cholesterol-lowering foods to your diet

To function effectively, your body requires some cholesterol. However, if there is too much in your blood, it can adhere to the artery walls and constrict or even block them. You run the risk of developing coronary artery disease and other heart disorders as a result. 

Adopt a heart-healthy eating plan to lower your triglyceride and bad cholesterol levels. This entails limiting bad fats, salt, and added sugar while consuming a variety of fresh, unprocessed foods. In one of her recent Instagram posts, nutritionist Anjali Mukerjee shares a chutney recipe that will help manage your cholesterol. 

She writes, “We are all familiar with what cholesterol is and the liver's role in its production. What we also need to understand is that what we eat has a major effect on the amount of bad cholesterol produced in our body and subsequently puts us at risk for several health problems like heart attacks, strokes and atherosclerosis.”

“In order to avoid these issues, it is vital to know that healthy eating habits form the cornerstone of any cholesterol control plan and can help to reduce your cholesterol naturally. Hence in my endeavour to bring about a balance between taste and health, I have created a recipe that promotes a cholesterol-lowering effect.” She continues.

Cholesterol: Here's the method to prepare this chutney

Ingredients required:

  • Coriander-50g
  • Mint-20g
  • Green chillies (as required)
  • Garlic-20g
  • Flaxseeds Oil-15g
  • Isabgol-15g
  • Salt (as per taste)
  • Lemon Juice - 10ml
  • Water as needed


• Put all the above ingredients in a blender and blend to make a fine paste.

Here are the benefits of consuming this chutney as per the nutritionist: 

1. Benefits of Coriander and Mint

Rich in chlorophyll, these fresh herbs found in every Indian home aid in digestion and lower cholesterol with their high fibre content.

2. Benefits of Garlic

Lowers cholesterol and blood pressure by thinning the blood and preventing constriction of blood vessels.

3. Benefits of Isabgol

Regulates bowel movements to eliminate constipation. Aids digestion and reduces cholesterol by binding with bile acids. Helps regulate blood sugar levels.

4. Benefits of Flaxseeds

A rich vegetarian source of Omega-3 fats that lowers cholesterol, and triglycerides and stabilizes blood sugar levels, especially in diabetics.

Look at her post:

Try this chutney recipe to ensure your cholesterol levels stay in check. 

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